YFC prepares for Chicago bike trip

GREENVILLE – “We still talk about the bike trips!”  Occasionally YFC staff members will hear a comment like this from someone who went on a bicycle trip with Youth for Christ as much as 20, 25, or even 30 years ago.  Their experiences were so meaningful and their memories are so treasured that the YFC bike trips are still in people’s conversation decades after they took place.  On June 9-14, a whole new group of young people will have the opportunity to experience the impact of such an adventure for themselves.

“The Chicago Expedition” will take local teenagers on a trek from Greenville to Chicago, IL, pedaling every inch of the way.  The adventure will begin with breakfast provided by a local restaurant; then riders will assemble in groups of six, including an adult leader in each riding team.  Spaced a few minutes apart, each of these teams will then begin the four day, 275 mile journey to the downtown Chicago lakefront.

For sure, the ride will include its share of challenges including sore muscles, flat tires, and periods of wind and rain.  But overcoming these tests, and perhaps even some doubts about whether it can be done, all become part of the stories that are retold year after year.  Just imagine the sense of accomplishment for a teenager as they finish the last mile of a journey that most of their friends wouldn’t even try.  Throw in many hours of conversation while riding, hilarious happenings that no one can predict, and friendships forged while together seeking to know God, followed by experiencing the sights of Chicago, and it could turn out to be a milestone in a young person’s journey to become all they were created to be.

With more than 20,000 miles of bicycle trips conducted by the local YFC chapter—trips ranging from Colorado to Nova Scotia and Florida to Toronto—you can know you’re trusting your teen to capable leadership.  Want even more reasons why this trip may be a valuable experience for someone in your life?  You can get more details at yfcmv.org/events or by calling or e-mailing YFC.

Youth for Christ is bringing back its bike trip to Chicago. The trip is open to area teenagers.

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