Wombolt sentenced to serve community sanctions

GREENVILLE – Bryan Wombolt, 32, of Ansonia, was ordered to serve up to 60 months community control sanctions for neglecting to report his Internet identifiers to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office.

In January 2015, Wombolt entered a guilty plea to two counts of felony unlawful sexual conduct with a minor while he was an auxiliary sheriff’s deputy.

The failing to report charges stem from actions taken during the summer of 2017 through February of this year.

In March, Wombolt was indicted by the grand jury and arraigned for the violations. He was released on an own recognizance bond by Judge Jonathan P. Hein.

On Monday, Wombolt, who was represented by Kevin Lennen of Rion, Rion and Rion in Dayton, told Hein he was “negligent” in failing to report activating his Facebook page.

“I didn’t know if I should say something and get in trouble or not say something and still get in trouble,” Wombolt said.

After reviewing Wombolt’s past history, including serving eight years in the military, including time in Iraq and time spent as a military police officer, and his current work situation, Hein told Wombolt “that sounds like a bad excuse. It’s not rocket science to go to the sheriff’s department and report. It’s a chintzy story. I’m supposed to send you to jail.”

Instead, Hein ordered Wombolt serve community sanctions for  violating the terms of his parole as a Tier II sex offender. Sanctions include completing 100 hours of community service and attending self-improvement classes as ordered by the probation department.

PHOTO CAPTION: Bryan Wombolt with attorney Kevin Lennen appeared for sentencing on Monday. (Susan Hartley photo)

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