VHS girls swim at Lima Holiday Invitational

LIMA – The Versailles High School Girls swim team finished 11th at the Lima Holiday Invitational Swim Meet on Dec. 27. The meet was held at the Lima YMCA with 21 teams participating. The Versailles Girls had a lot of stiff competition and finished in the middle of the pack. While finishing in 11th place the Versailles Girls posted eight PRs. Alexis Jay finished seventh in the 100 Butterfly.

Team scores were as follows:  Ottawa Glandorf  304;  Lima Shawnee 266.50;  Celina 227;  Upper Sandusky 204;  New Bremen 200.50;  Wapakoneta 184;  Fort Recovery 143;  Coldwater 120;  Minster 107;  Calvert High School 87;  Versailles 57;  Lima Bath 50;  Lima Central Catholic 46;  Lima Senior 43;  Ada High School 40;  Marion Local 30;  St Henry 26;  Fort Loramie 17;  Central Catholic High School 12;  Elida 4;  St. Marys 2.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard Medley Relay:  13th, 2:12.17, Versailles A – Sara Cavin, Lauren Menke, Alexis Jay, Tori Ahrens;  17th, 2:17.73, Versailles B – Grace Francis, Hannah Bey, Lucy Prakel, Morgan Frederick;  28th, 2:29.28, Versailles C – Kasidy Dross, Lauren Monnin, Kaia Kruckeberg, Katelyn Rush

200 yard Freestyle: 24th, 2:35.78, Courtney Hecht; 26th, 2:37.13, Morgan Frederick; 39th, 2:52.32, Claire Keiser

200 yard IM: 16th, 2:43.61, Alexis Jay; 21st, 2:52.54, Lucy Prakel; 25th, 2:59.76, Grace Francis

50 yard Freestyle: 17th, 28.53, Sara Cavin; 20th, 28.94, Tori Ahrens; 33rd, 30.68, Kaia Kruckeberg; 35th, 30.85, Bethany Jones; 77th, 37.07, Skylar Myers

100 yard Butterfly: 7th, 1:12.44, Alexis Jay; 15th, 1:19.21, Lucy Prakel; 22nd, 1:26.48, Grace Francis; 24th, 1:29.18, Kasidy Dross

100 yard Freestyle:  22nd, 1:05.44, Sara Cavin;  29th, 1:07.20, Tori Ahrens;  33rd, 1:08.36, Lauren Monnin;  38th, 1:09.43, Bethany Jones;  41st, 1:10.37, Morgan Frederick;  43rd, 1:10.66, Hannah Bey;  48th, 1:12.47, Courtney Batten;  68th, 1:22.29, Skylar Myers

200 yard Freestyle Relay:  11th, 1:56.74, Versailles A – Sara Cavin, Alexis Jay, Bethany Jones, Tori Ahrens; 16th, 2:01.89, Versailles B – Lauren Monnin, Kaia Kruckeberg, Courtney Hecht, Lucy Prakel; 24th, 2:07.38, Versailles C – Grace Francis, Hannah Bey, Lauren Menke, Kasidy Dross;  28th, 2:10.03, Versailles D – Morgan Frederick, Olivia Waymire, Courtney Batten, Claire Keiser

100 yard Backstroke: 29th, 1:19.85, Courtney Batten; 44th, 1:30.13, Claire Keiser

100 yard Breaststroke:  13th, 1:20.59, Lauren Menke; 16th, 1:22.43, Hannah Bey; 37th, 1:35.19, Lauren Monnin; 38th, 1:35.43, Olivia Waymire

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 11th, 4:38.23, Versailles A – Courtney Hecht, Lauren Menke, Bethany Jones, Kaia Kruckeberg; 18th, 5:13.22, Versailles B – Olivia Waymire, Courtney Batten, Katelyn Rush, Claire Keiser

For more information about the swim team, visit www.versailles.k12.oh.us, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules, and click on Swimming.

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