Treaty City Shootout beats weekend rains

GREENVILLE – It took many volunteers but the Greenville Girls Softball Association (GGSA) pulled off the nearly unthinkable by completing the rain soaked weekend Treaty City Shootout softball tournament at Stebbins field.

“We are trying our hardest – it’s been crazy,” said GGSA President Eric Fellers. “It’s the biggest 8U and 10U weekend we’ve had in Greenville with 36 teams. The rains kind of pushed us to try and cram everything in. It’s been a great weekend for what we had.”

“It was a great weekend,” continued Fellers. “It’s amazing. We ran 36 teams through a four diamond complex. We’re to the point now, we probably need to start looking at expansion a little bit but it’s a great thing that we had this many people here, this many teams. We were blessed to be able to get this tournament in.”

The tournament’s first round of Sunday games were in the book when the sky opened bringing a halt to play and flooding the fields once again, but amazingly the games would resume at 1:30 p.m. after several hours of hard work.

Volunteers work on fields at Treaty City Shootout. (Gaylen Blosser photo) 

“It took us about 60 bags of rapid dry surface material,” said Fellers. “People from the board, parents and we even had coaches from other teams helping us dump Rapid Dry and rake.”

The umpiring crews also received praise from the GGSA President.

“We have had complements on our umpires,” noted Fellers. “Not everybody is going to agree with every call but we have had great guys and gals here helping us out, just staying here and sitting here while we wait for the rain to stop so we could get the fields back in playing condition, giving us suggestions and helping us out. We had umpires grabbing rakes and carrying bags of Rapid Dry, so it was great and everything just worked out good.”

The GGSA from the very beginning of the Stebbins Field project took proper steps to build the best facility for the town’s future softball players.

“We put the crushed brick in and proper drainage,” said Fellers. “That helps out but it costs money. We get generous people to donate for those kinds of things and we work hard for it too selling hotdogs and doing fundraisers. That’s great – it’s just a big thank you to the community for helping us get these fields and complex the way they are.”

“I think sometimes people take it for granted, but they have to stop and realize this is probably one of the best places in the state of Ohio to play softball,” added Fellers.

“We have teams from Kentucky, West Mansfield and London, and they are all staying in the hotels,” Fellers noted of the boost to the local economy. “During rain delays they are buying from our concession stand and going to Walmart, going to Kroger, McDonalds and Maid-Rite, I can’t even begin to think how much money that was brought into Greenville this weekend. It’s just a great thing for everybody and that’s what it’s all about, helping everybody out.”

With the large number of teams entered in the tournament, the boy’s fields at Sater Park were also going to be used for opening rounds of the tournament.

“I know we didn’t get to use the boy’s diamonds due to the rain, but a big thank you to them for working hard to try to help us out,” Fellers said. “A big thank you to coaches, parents, GGSA board members – it’s been a great weekend considering the circumstances.”

Fellers was quick to give special recognition to GGSA tournament director Jason Christman and Shawn Shaffer.

“Jason did a great job,” Fellers noted. “The hours he spent in this little office just trying to get times rescheduled and rescheduling umpires. Shawn Shaffer; just phenomenal work this weekend getting everything in.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Union City girls find shelter from the rain and the sunshine in the team’s dugout at Treaty City Shootout. (Gaylen Blosser photo)


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