Thompson working his last paint job

GREENVILLE – After 72-years of having a Thompson head up Thompsons Painting and 46-years with John Thompson at the helm, the painting business will soon see new leadership. According to John, he is going to step away from the business once their current project is complete.

John said he’s had a lot of fun doing this job, but he wouldn’t recommend it and is happy his kids chose to go in a different direction.

Charles “Charlie” Thompson, John’s father, started the company in 1946 and John joined in 1972. He was working with the mechanics at Frank Girbert’s business when Charlie asked him to help. That help eventually led to going into business with his father.

When asked how the business has changed since 1972, John joked, “Well, the prices have gone up.” He also noted people today want things done immediately and they are looking more towards looks and perfection. When he started, families and business owners were more concerned with painting their buildings in order to save their buildings.

Although he’s painted a lot of buildings, he’s had a lot of unique jobs. “I’ve painted everything from 10-foot bowling pins to church steeples,” he said. “I worked to make a living,” John added. “But I don’t recommend doing it. It’s hard work.”

John doesn’t have any big plans once he retires. He has a shop at his home and plans on “tinkering” in there with equipment. His neighbors know he can be counted on to fix their lawnmowers.

“The business will go on,” John said. Dave Demaio will take over, but it will remain under Thompson Painting. “If I do anything at all, it will be (painting) a garage door or something like that,” said John.

While John’s boys chose not to go into the painting business, they did follow in their father’s footsteps to serve the community. Matt operates ADC Concrete and Ben is in Dayton with Great Maintenance. “They didn’t want to pursue painting and I’m glad they didn’t,” he concluded.

PHOTO CAPTION: John Thompson announced he is retiring once his current job is completed.

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