This is a Do-Something House

It began as the following question: Are we keeping track of all the jobs bills that House Republicans have passed? Soon, that question became a list.

Then, as the bills piled up, the list became a to-do list for Senate Democrats – a to-do list that I recently highlighted for Vice President Biden when he visited Cincinnati (it’s too bad he didn’t stay long enough to visit even one local business – let alone stop for some of our famous Cincinnati chili).

And now, that to-do list is 40 jobs bills and growing.  Visit to see it for yourself.

All of this means that while the president, Senate Democrats, and certain media pundits would like you to believe otherwise, the Republican-led House of Representatives has been busy all year long.

And even though more than 350 House-passed bills continue to stack up on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk, that hasn’t stopped the House from its work on behalf of the American people.  We’ve been focused on policies that will help create jobs for American workers and their families – many of which are already working right here in Ohio, such as low taxes, balanced budgets, and education reform.  Our Republican majority in the House has worked tirelessly passing bill after bill to help remove barriers to private-sector job creation, get people back to work, and lower costs at home.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats left Washington without acting on the to-do list.  And the president is in “credit-taking mode” for an economy that is leaving many families and workers behind.

Now more than ever, Americans need real solutions – and as you can see on – this continues to be our focus.  It’s all part of House Republicans’ Plan for Jobs, Opportunity, and Freedom,and we’re going to keep working on it.

Along the way, I’d like you to share your thoughts with me – keeping in touch is one of my top priorities as your voice in the U.S. House.  Please send me an e-mail by visiting or call my district office at 513-779-5400/937-339-1524.  I hope to hear from you soon.


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