There are a lot of reasons to be thankful

Our history books teach us that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated between the Native Americans and Pilgrims after the fall harvest in 1621 and lasted three entire days.  This tradition has now spanned decades, and while most of us attempt to limit our feasting to just one or two meals, the theme of this holiday has largely remained unchanged: we simply gather together to give thanks.

There is much to be thankful for today—family and friends, homes and health, jobs and prosperity.  As we give thanks, we must also remember those who have experienced hardships and loss this year and keep them in our prayers.

For me, I have been truly privileged to serve as your state senator for the past four years representing Miami and parts of Montgomery, Darke and Preble Counties.  In this role, I have had the honor of meeting many of you and getting to know you, your families, your companies and the values that are important to you.  You have welcomed me into your homes, your jobs, your activities and passions.  I walk proud, knowing that I serve many of Ohio’s best.  For this, I thank each of you.  I take the responsibility of public service very seriously and I know that the votes and decisions you have entrusted me to make have a resounding effect on all of you back home.

It is with this experience and these insights that I entered the race for the 8th Congressional District.  America is truly a land of freedom and opportunity, principles that have made our country a global leader for hundreds of years.  However, we face new challenges as a nation each and every day, and we need strong and committed leaders in Washington.  I promise to work tirelessly to defend, protect and advance America’s interests to secure a better and greater tomorrow for all of us.

The entire Beagle family wishes you each a very happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your family will join ours in taking time this holiday to gather together with loved ones and simply be thankful for all of life’s gifts, both big and small.

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