The Pohl Group to offer active shooter medical response training

ARCANUM – After spending the past 25 years as a special agent with the United States Department of Defense, newly retired Arcanum resident Mark Pohl has set out to fill a specific community need – to provide active shooter tactical medical training courses for schools, churches and other community organizations.

The Pohl Group LLC, with Pohl as the president and founder, boasts a network of contractors who are trained to assist with the specialized training, he said, with some active and retired law enforcement or national security employees.

A U.S. Army Veteran, Pohl served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East and Europe as a civilian in the war against terrorism and was the lead case agent for the first extradition of a fugitive from Iraq to the United States in U.S. history in 2016.

Pohl has experience working closely with the FBI, CIA, DEA, IRS and the U.S. Military and is certified by the Department of Homeland Security as an instructor for Active Shooter/Threat Response and Tactical Medicine.

Pohl said he started thinking about sharing what he’s learned during his years of service this past year, as his retirement date of Dec. 31, 2018 approached.

With active shooter incidents rising during the past couple decades, training  school, church or other organizational staff and leaders how to triage immediately following a shooting does save lives.

Pohl said he became motivated to develop his new business after seeing an active shooter incident statistics published by the FBI.

The FBI report stated that from 2000 through 2017, there were 52 active shooter incidents in schools within the U.S., with 34 taking place in communities with populations under 100,000. Seven of these took place in schools in California, with six active shooter incidents in Ohio.

With a motto of Safe Schools – It’s up to us – Pohl has developed two programs to share with schools and churches – QRF (Quick Response Force) Blue and QRF Red.

Pohl said he’s developed “two training platforms or modules” for active shooter response:

* Active Shooter/Threat Response:  Our QRF BLUE training package provides the most current Department of Homeland Security (DHS) instruction available for active shooter/threat response. Pohl is a DHS certified instructor and is trained in techniques used by Tier 1 special operations teams including Navy Seals and Delta Force. He has trained federal agencies and international police.

​* Tactical Medicine (TacMed): The QRF RED training package will provide organizations with skills and equipment necessary to establish an in-house medical response capability for active shooter/threat incidents. The training can be conducted on-site. TacMed is a state-of-the-art training program first developed by the U.S. Military, now converted and trained by TPG for civilian preparedness. TacMed training provides life-saving emergency medical techniques to treat traumatic injury – including gunshot trauma – until help arrives. TacMed is more effective in saving lives than CPR, says Pohl.

Pohl also said one goal for The Pohl Group is to work with area schools as they develop their emergency disaster plans and he may eventually incorporate ALICE Training into his training programs.

Pohl said he’s already receiving calls from interested individuals about scheduling a staff training at local schools and churches.

“It makes sense to train more people,” Pohl said, on what to do immediately following an active shooter incident.

More information about The Pohl Group may be found online (, at Facebook (The Pohl Group, LLC), on twitter @thepohlgroup and on Instagram.

An Arcanum native, Pohl and his wife Missy, who is a substitute teacher at Arcanum, are parents of two children, Connor and Camille.

Connor, a junior at The Ohio State University studying psychology, is a starting player with the OSU baseball team this spring.

“He plans to go into federal law enforcement after his playing days are over,” Pohl said.

Camille, a junior at Arcanum Butler, also is active in sports as a member of the school’s volleyball, basketball and softball teams. She also was recently inducted into the National Honor Society.

PHOTO CAPTION: Mark Pohl of Arcanum wants to share his knowledge with local schools, churches and community organizations.

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