Taylor sentenced to 18 months or MonDay – Miami County Court will determine

GREENVILLE – Dustin L. Taylor could face 18 months in prison or the MonDay Program after pleading no contest and eventually being found guilty by Judge Jonathan Hein of Attempted Vehicular Assault. There is some uncertainty regarding which sentence Taylor will have to fulfill.

Taylor was driving while intoxicated when he crashed his car. His girlfriend, a passenger in the car, had a punctured lung and was CareFlighted to Miami Valley Hospital.

He is currently incarcerated and facing charges in Miami County for Criminal Mischief, Weapons Under Disability and Weapons While Intoxicated for shooting a weapon on public land. According to Judge Hein, if Miami County sends him to prison for the offenses Taylor will have to serve the 18 months. If they return him to Darke County he will be required to attend the MonDay Program. If he fails to complete the MonDay Program successfully the 18-month prison sentence will be reinstated.

Taylor has a lengthy criminal record of misdemeanor assault, theft, driving under suspension dating back to 2007.

Jesse Green, asst. prosecutor, asked for a one-year prison sentence, $500 fine, one year license suspension, restitution for the victim’s medical bill of over $47,000. In exchange for the plea of no contest, the state dropped the Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Comply Police – Fleeing/Eluding and OVI Suspension charges. Green said, “What makes it even more imperative, I think, he needs to see the inside of a prison is he knew this day was coming, but yet he couldn’t conform his conduct to that of a law abiding citizen.” Judge Hein agreed to the fine, suspension and restitution, but reduced restitution from $47,000 in medical bills to a maximum of $1,000 for five years.

Defense Attorney Randall Breaden countered Taylor has never been supervised and the programs available under community control sanctions have never been offered. Breaden said, “I think he should be given the opportunity to see if those community control sanctions could work for him.”

“You are the kind of guy that makes me stay awake at night because given the last four years all you have done is worked your way up the poll of nuisances. You are a risk to yourself and everybody else. Do you agree?” Hein asked. “No. I don’t agree. I shouldn’t keep you awake at night,” said Taylor. The judge pointed out Taylor keeps doing things to make himself look worse. “You’re not going any place, except going in and out of jails.” Hein continued, “You don’t get it. Maybe it’s because you’re 24 and stupid.”

Taylor responded, “If I was your next door neighbor you would be able to rest easy that night. I don’t go around looking for victims to pick on. That’s not the person I am.”

Hein concluded, “Until you prove that you’re not a risk waiting to happen, I have to say you’re a menace and a risk to society.”

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