Steinke enters guilty plea

GREENVILLE – Christopher Steinke, 33, of Versailles, entered a guilty pleas to two counts of breaking and entering,  three counts of tampering with evidence and three counts of safe cracking on Wednesday, April 11.

The crimes took place at Worch Lumber in Versailles.

Steinke, who was originally charged with 15 counts, including theft, agreed to a plea deal worked out between his attorney Randall Breaden and Assistant Prosecutor James Bennett.

Seven of the original counts were dismissed.

Steinke told Judge Jonathan P. Hein his actions stemmed from “head games” his wife played with him. He also said he had “mental health and drug issues.”

When asked by Hein about his drug use, Steinke said his wife both led him to and provided him with drugs.

Steinke told Hein he wanted rehab, “some sort of help.” Hein sentenced Steinke to a three-year prison term for the breaking and entering counts and told him to “use the next three years to get ready for the next ‘head game’” he may encounter. “Get ready to run your own life.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Christopher Steinke and attorney Randall Breaden listen as Judge Jonathan P. Hein hands down three-year prison sentence. (Susan Hartley photo)

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