So much for which to be grateful

I know Thanksgiving is over, but some “down time” for me this week had me reflecting on my life once again. Because my vehicle was in the garage for several days, I spent most of my time at home in deep thought.

First of all, I’m thankful that we have God to go to in times good and bad. He does answer prayers in one way or another. Everything revolves around Him.

Yes, my vehicle was out of commission for a short time and some questionable activity had me wondering if I would have to replace it, but, hopefully it’s on the mend… at least through wintertime.

Therefore, I appreciate my mechanic you don’t know how much. I do not like depending on other people for my transportation, but appreciate those who do help me out. My mechanic is always explaining what he is doing to my vehicle, so kudos to Roger, Jim and Sherry at Keen’s Auto in Union City. It seems like I’ve always had good mechanics in the past as well.

Everybody by now knows I love my family…the people God chose me to be with in this life. I have great parents (Mom Bea who is at Heartland of Greenville and Dad Lee who passed two years ago); a brother, Ron; and two sisters, Bev and Brenda, who have helped our clan grow in numbers in the past 50 years.

And those who know me know I can’t stop talking about my son, Jamie. He’s my life, my rock and my mini-me, perhaps. He loves many things that I did when I was younger. I bought records and albums; he has music in many forms that today’s high-tech provides. I bought music and entertainment magazines; so does he, plus wrestling magazines.

He does something much better than me, however. He can create characters on his Wii game that look like the person he intends them to look like. I’ve tried but find I’m not as successful. He can do the same thing with some of his drawings.

We both enjoy writing and crossword puzzles; most music, especially country; people; and cherish our family and growing list of friends.

I used to remember dates, but he is so much better at it than me. Of course, he’s younger.

He amazes me with what he comes up with. I don’t know if I instilled it in him or if it’s in his genes.

I think we both have a sense of humor and Jamie entertains me with his puns and his surprising remarks about life in general just when I need them the most.

We’ve never had a lot of money and when I mention it, he consoles me by saying, “But, we’ve got each other.” It doesn’t get any better than that.

He’s my inspiration and my reason to live and breathe. I am trying to do more things with him that I didn’t get to do when I was working full-time.

The many trusting and loyal friends I have could also be included in “my family.”

Then, of course, Jamie and I always miss the loved ones who have departed this earth, especially in recent years.

I also want to thank the Early Bird for putting me on board part-time. It keeps my mind working and keeps me in the groove of things.

God has blessed me with a 51-year-plus career in journalism, which is truly appreciated by me.


Please pray for these people: Terri Hunt, Ruth Deal, Jack Hale, Jessi Klosterman, Marilyn Peterson, Jack Good, Mary Faller, Gruff Billenstein, Mary Ullery, Larry Badger, Wayne Neal, Bill Schellenbarg, Martha Higgins, Scott Clark, Duke Temple, Paulette (Swab) Shields, Neil Isch, Larry Hummel, Phyllis Turner, Kerry Young, Dale Clark, Judi Peters, Linda Birt Schaffer, Herbert Bayman, Adam Ullery, Vicky Henderson, Don Hittle, Emily Moody, Tonya Thompson, Roger McEowen, Becky Garrett-Ross, Tom Brumbaugh, Darcy Buckingham, Roger Tingley, Ron Kaffenberger, Crew Neaves, Jackson Stout, Katie Rehmert, Shannon Peters Hall, Alayna Marie Brantley, Sherri Gibbons Feitshans, Irma Stewart, Chuck Davis, Dawn Oldiges, Don Booker, Tracy Pratt, Brenda “Bill” Riffell, Jim Marker, Mike Grillot, Mason Osterloh, Kyndal Wynk, Ron Kreitzer, Stacy Dorko, Keith Starks, Kohen Thwaits, Jerrod Pratt, Al Bliss, Layna Best, Wanda and Joe Bailey, Shelly Hoffman, David Magoto, Pappy Harshman, Bob Hiestand Jr., Rodney Hiestand, Tina Kiser Deaton, Kody Ketring, Lois Hittle, Kevin Hemmerich, Samantha Smith, Tim Heck and Ron Kramer.


Jamie and I send our condolences to the families of: Dave Magoto, Donald Allen, Jerry Paulus, Vera Warren, Willard “Bill” Floyd Jr., Larry Feitshans, Rosalyn Berger, Bill Printz, Eric Hughes, Dr. James Moore, John  Horn, April Whittington, Jim Kelch,  Dorothy Byrum, Mary Whittington, and Shelby Lynne Bey.


Think about it: “No matter what you face in life, don’t let go of God’s hand.”


Happy birthday:

Nov. 29 to Jeff Shook, Jeff Lawson, Natalie Pepple, Tim Harless and Phil Stutz.

Nov. 30 to: Jessi Klosterman, Teresa Brewer-Wilson, Beth Oswalt-Cain, Darcel Geus Brown, Tess Osborne, Bill Klipstine, Janese Riegle Spencer, Linda Lore, Dewey Ward,  Mindy Steed, Caleb Thwaits, Kathy Wilker, Joann Emrick and Dave Brewer.

Dec. 1 to Daisy Brim, Karen Beam, Neil Schmidt, Karen Crowell, Tammy Shook and Kim Dohme.

Dec. 2 to Sam Custer, Noe Hernandez, Norma Glunt and Jeremy Litten.

Dec. 3 to Evelyn Riffell Sebring and Pat McMaken.

Dec. 4 to Leigh-Anna Harrod, Jeff Stump, Margaret Baumgardner, Randy Garrison, Mike Dohme and Nicole Woodworth.

Dec. 5 to Eric Widener, Paul Schlechty, Eddie Kress, Karen Cummings Bailey, Brad Birt, Kolin Sanders, Jim Hesson and Jeff Peters.

Dec. 6 to Nathan Barga and Deirdre Cothran Stammen.

Dec. 7 to Zach Mann, Amy Harris, Roger Riffell, Otis Mead, Bernadette Siekman and Judy Collins

Dec. 8 to Betty Kosier (80), Patty Riegle, Nick McEowen, Abbie Worthen and Tina Hilderbrand.

Dec. 9 to Andy Couchot, Georgia Young, Jackie Oliver Kimmel, Daryl Locke, Tara Thomas and Lois Wilson.

Dec. 10 to Tony Steed, Kiersten Schricker and Ginger Siders.

Dec. 11 to Kenny Flatter, Tim Gibboney, Steve Gates, Katie Britsch Smith, Susan Hartrum, Ashlee Hetzler, Annette Livingston and Casey Bowman.

Dec. 12 to Tara Wilcutt-Gardner, Ron Hines, Brooklyn Kaffenberger, Elizabeth Skye-Hufford, Kari Bartram, Shawn Gilbert, Allen Aukerman, Randy Sanders, Jim Goubeaux, Virginia Rinderle, Vivian Dapore and Randy Neal.

Happy anniversary to: Judy and Terry Pepple on Nov. 29; Bev and Ron Stump and Don and Carolyn Waymire, all on Nov. 30; Mike and Elaine Stump on Dec. 1; Jim and Jane Henby  on Dec. 3; and Larry and Karen Duncan and Vicky and Gary Henderson, all on Dec. 4.

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