Skinner, Hopewell are Pumpkin Royalty

BRADFORD – The 90th annual Bradford Pumpkin Show couldn’t have asked for a more a beautiful night on Tuesday to start the festival. The evening’s festivities began with a parade that featured several area high school bands as well as the stars for the evening – the 18 Pumpkin Prince & Princess contestants.

Six boys and 12 girls between the ages of 6 and 11 took the stage at the north end of the festival grounds to show off their best golden theme costumes. Costumes ranged from Elvis and Willy Wonka to Golden Luigi and Bruno Mars for the boys and Golden Crisp Cereal, Betty White, Goldilocks and Audrey Hepburn to Mary Lou Retton, Gold Digger, Golden Monarch Butterfly and a Golden Pumpkin Fairy for the girls.

After taking turns answering questions, singing or sharing other talents for the judges, the winners were named. Brensen Skinner earned the crown as the 2018 Prince Pumpkin and Kyndal Hopewell was named Princess Pumpkin. Skinner, son of Derrick and Moniqua Skinner, is 11-years-old and attends Bradford Elementary. Hopewell, daughter of Kristina and Randy Highten and TJ and Alicia Hopewell, is 6-years-old and attends Northwestern Elementary School.

Serving in the Prince and Princess Court are first runners-up Evan Addis, 9, son of Larry and Amy Addis, and Aaliyah Biddlestone, 10, daughter of Jay and Amber Biddlestone; and second runners-up Zachary Shimp, 7, son of Josh and Dawn Shimp, and Alivia Ann Addis, 11, daughter of Larry and Amy Addis. Caylee Bates, 9, daughter of Charli and Brian Bates, earned the prize for best dressed with her Golden Monarch Butterfly costume. She also took first place with her float. Pacey Miller, 6, son of Scott and Shelley Miller, earned the best dressed prize for his Golden Luigi costume. Alivia and Evan Addis took second place float and Jaylynn Wilburn, 9, daughter of Jay and Abby Wilburn, took third place float with her Goldilocks theme.

All of the winners earned a cash prize and trophy.

Also participating in the contest were Olyvia Lear, 7; Leaha Hammaker, 9; Delaney Murphy, 10; Kennedy Hale, 7; Alexis Brogan, 10; Amber Neitzelt, 9; Fiona Brewer, 6; Sage Smith, 6; and Andy Miller, 11.

Judges for the evening were Lee Harmon, Memory Moore and Mary Thomas. Cathy Carter was the score keeper and April Brubaker served as the emcee.

PHOTO CAPTION: Winners in the Bradford Pumpkin Prince & Princess contest were (front row) Jaylynn Wilburn, third place float; Alivia Ann Addis, second runner-up and second place float; Aaliyah Biddlestone, first runner-up; Kyndal Hopewell, princess; Brensen Skinner, prince; Evan Addis, first runner-up and second place float; Zachary Shimp, second runner-up; (back row) Caylee Bates, best costume and first place float.

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