Six bills get Governor Kasich’s signature

COLUMBUS –Governor John R. Kasich recently signed the following bills into law:

Sub. H.B. 101 (Merrin) Establishes provisions to be known as the “Epinephrine Accessibility Act” and makes other changes to the laws governing the State Board of Pharmacy.

Sub. H.B. 139 (Perales, Keller) Eliminates the public disclosure exemption for any permanently retained record 75 years after the date of its creation, with exceptions.

Am Sub H.B. 300 (Barnes) Provides that any nondriver identification card that is issued to a resident of Ohio who is permanently or irreversibly disabled must be issued with an 8-year expiration date and exempts such cardholders who are also unemployed from the identification card fees.

Sub H.B. 425 (Antani, Craig) Provides that specified portions of peace officers’ body-worn camera or dashboard camera recordings and the infrastructure record of a public school are not public records for purposes of the Public Records Law, replaces expungement with sealing of ex parte protection orders and records under certain circumstances, clarifies the appellate process for the court’s refusal to grant certain protection orders, and repeals the pilot program regarding the removal of sealed or expunged records from certain databases.

Sub H.B. 477 (Koehler) Eliminates various provisions and programs related to the Department of Education and the operation of primary and secondary schools, revises the law on paraprofessional certification, and provides civil immunity regarding decisions not to procure mental health services for a suspended or expelled student.

Sub H.B. 511 (Lanese, Rogers) Makes changes to the laws governing the ages at which persons may marry.

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