Rose sentenced to six years for Walgreens robbery

GREENVILLE – Annyis Rose, 15, was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the Jan. 6 Walgreens robbery in Greenville.

Rose, of Lima, was one of four teens involved in the armed robbery, resulting in the theft of prescription drugs.

Last week, Rose was bound over by Darke County Juvenile Court Judge Jason Aslinger to be tried as an adult.

On Tuesday, Rose avoided a trial by admitting to the crime and entered a guilty plea.

His attorney, Alex Pendl and assistant prosecutor Deb Quigley advised Judge Jonathan P. Hein they had a mutually agreed-upon plea and sentence.

Charged with aggravated burglarly with a gun specification, Rose could have received 11 years for the aggravated burglary in addition to the three- year mandatory sentence for the gun specification for a total of 14 years imprisonment.

According to Pendl, the Jan. 6 incident “was a poor decision made by my client.”

Pendl said Rose was influenced by “older individuals” he called “distant relatives” to commit the crime. Pendl added his client’s family “was very supportive” and had been in attendance for court proceedings over the past four-plus months.

Pendl also told Hein his client told him he emptied the chamber before entering the drug store so no one would get hurt.

During his statements, Hein noted the fact that Rose did not have a prior juvenile record.

“In this case you jumped in big” adding that at age 15, Rose was “impressionable and warned him to  be on guard” during his time in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation.

Hein also admonished the juvenile “not to come out of prison worse than when you went in.”

Hein reminded Rose he also had been involved in two other Walgreens’ robbery court proceedings – for fellow offenders Ishmael Luster and Antwan Thompson. Due to those proceedings, Hein said he had seen reports and evidence presented and found Rose’s sentencing of six years “a fair and reasonably recommended sentence.”

Both Luster and Thompson are serving six-year sentences. The fourth juvenile, who has not been named, was remanded to officials in Allen County.

PHOTO CAPTION: Annyis Rose with attorney Alex Pendl hear sentencing statement from Judge Jonathan P. Hein. (Susan Hartley photo)

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