Ridenour chosen Little Miss Poultry Days 2014

Miss Chick 2013 Lauren Gehret gives pointers and encouragement to a Little Miss Poultry Days contestant just prior to the competition starting. (Bob Robinson photo)

VERSAILLES – Ken DeMange warned a packed house they never know what’s going to happen or sometimes even what they’ll say as he prepared to introduce the 28 candidates for the 2014 Little Miss Poultry Days competition June 13. Ninety minutes later three judges had trimmed the field to 10, then to the Little Miss and her Court.

Star Ridenour, 6, daughter of Tena Black, Versailles was crowned Little Miss Poultry Days 2014. The two members of her Court were First Runner-Up Josie Ward, 4, daughter of Justin and Sara Ward, Miamisburg, and Second Runner-Up Gracie Hughes, 5, daughter of Ryan and Memori Hughes of New Bremen.

“It takes a lot of courage for these young ladies to get up here in front of everyone,” DeMange said. “Please give them a lot of support.”

DeMange, who was the Master of Ceremonies, asked the same questions of all 28 contestants, focusing primarily on “Where did you get your dress (or outfit)?” Answers included grandma, mom or aunt made it; and from the Internet. “What’s your favorite movie?” Half of them said Walt Disney’s “Frozen.” One young lady not only didn’t list Frozen but when it was mentioned she said “I don’t like that!” While they were waiting for the judges to make their decisions, they were asked to dance to the movie’s lead song, “Let it Go;” to echoes of “I don’t like it!” The young lady still danced.

The other seven contestants reaching the Top 10 were Brooke Davis, 6, of Troy, Gracyn Beasley, 4, of Versailles, Skylyn Bradley, 4, of Versailles, Allison Pierron, 5, of Bradford, Hailey Ellis, 5, of Versailles, Lillian Grilliot, 6, of Versailles and Caleigh Stebbins, 4, of Bradford.

DeMange referred to all the young ladies as winners…. Jenna Breeze (6), Isley DeMange (5), Kenszie Glass (5), Alayna Huelskamp (6), Audra Bornhorst (5), Lydia Ward (4), Brooke Keiser (4), Hannah Luthman (4), Ava Billenstein (5), Lydia Ahrns (5), Madison Yagle (6), Corynn Goubeaux (4), Baylee Roll (6), Lexi Timmerman (4), Lucy Schneible (6), Samantha Knapke (4), Shawna Schmitmeyer (6) and Caylee Wombold (5).

Little Miss Poultry Days 2014 Star Ridenour, center, and her Court: First Runner-up Josie Ward (right) and Second Runner-up Gracie Hughes. (Bob Robinson photo)

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