Resource Center offers appreciation

BRADFORD – The Bradford Area Association of Churches (BAAC) and Resource Center thank everyone who contributed in any way to make 2019 a wonderful year for the community.

The shelves at BAAC have remained full because of the efforts of all of the churches, Bradford School system, community organizations and donators in the surrounding area. The association could not operate without any of these organizations and contributions, big or small, and food donations, one or many.

They also give thanks for the assistance with the Thanksgiving Dinner. The Community Club provided the building and Dottie Carder and her crew prepared the meal and the churches provided the funding, pies and workers to serve and clean up after the dinner. According to Debby Jess and Mary Alice Yount, “This worked out very well and we hope to provide this meal again next year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Thank you again to all of you.”

Those in the community who need the services offered by the BAAC Resource Center can contact Yount at (937) 448-2444 or Jess at (937) 216-8452 for help with food or utilities during the year. “It has been our pleasure to serve you as co-directors of the Resource Center since 2003 and we will look forward to hearing from you again in 2020,” said Jess and Yount.

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