Reineke sent back to prison

GREENVILLE – Scotty Reineke will be going back to prison to serve the remaining 15 months of his original sentence for disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and pandering obscenity to minors.

Reineke appeared Monday before Judge Jonathan P. Hein in Darke County Common Pleas Court, on charges he had violated community control sanctions.

Reineke, 35, of Bradford, was given an early judicial release from prison in January of this year after serving almost half of a four year, 11 month sentence.

As a condition of his early release, Reineke was placed on five years of community control sanctions by Hein, which included no Internet or cell phone usage.

Reineke’s recent violations included attempting to access social media on a tablet he purchased at a garage sale and possession of a cell phone with a camera feature. Both items, Reineke’s attorney Randall Breaden told Hein, were destroyed by Reineke’s parents.

Reineke, who says he suffers from Tourette Syndrome, told Hein the cell phone was for “emergency purposes,” just in case he had car trouble or was in an accident while driving to Greenville for appointments. He also told the judge he was on the Internet to see if his old Facebook account was still accessible.

Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Quigley, who had objected in January to Reineke’s early release, again called the defendant a sexual predator.

“He’s clearly not a good candidate for community control,” she told Hein. “The defendant is a sexual predator,” gaining access to the Internet with the intent of “grooming kids. He has clearly violated community control sanctions. The state believes he should be sent back to prison.”

Hein agreed and ordered Reineke complete his original sentence. He was remanded into custody at the conclusion of his hearing on Monday.

PHOTO CAPTION: Scotty Reineke will serve the remaining 15 months of his sentence. Above, Reineke appears in court with his attorney, Randall Breaden. (Susan Hartley photo)

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