Readers Write – Not Ambiguous: Very Clear

For reasons no one can give you that you could find believable “you” continue to “falsely believe” “you” are smart?? Yet, take a look around “you” “the country is literally falling apart” but, no one wants to admit it!! Or that it is happening!! “Why”?? How about “our supposedly smart people” in D.C. who keep “spending borrowed money on their pet projects” and other things “this country does not need or want”!!

Where is “their understandability”?? What is so hard about understanding “you” cannot continue to “spend borrowed money” “without there being serious consequences”?? What is so hard about understanding “you” have to “make better decisions before ‘you’ can get better results”?? What is so hard about understanding the “very real possibility” that all governments “intrusion: meddling and interference” is the “major cause of all the “dysfunction throughout the entire government”??

By not making “accountability standard operating procedure” government has burdened taxpayers with this “totally unnecessary expense”?? “Why”?? Why have “our smart people” in D.C. “totally and completely thrown away every trace” of reasonableness: understanding: willingness to listen: ability to talk “with the intention” of reaching a good conclusion or decision??

What is going on in D.C. is “not ambiguous it is very clear!! They have “failed tremendously to understand and comprehend” how “important it is to the American people” that our government show us: “We the People”: a lot of responsibility and accountability”!! “That they show us: “We the People”: a lot more respect”!! “This is very important to us: “We the People”: What “you” Democrats “Must “Repeal” ObamaCare” before it does – BANKRUPT THIS COUNTRY!!

This question needs to be answered by Democrats!! “Why can’t “You” “see the “bankruptcy of this county as a “very real “possibility”!! This question needs answered also!! “What are the “real reasons” “health care costs are so high”?? Could it be because of “all the regulations “you” have burdened insurance companies with”?? Cuts Obama has made are “very pathetic: anemic: totally enigmatically insignificant”: “Ever”!! What cuts did he make that “were real cuts”?? Yet, he has increased spending??

What do “We the People” “have to do to get “Congress’ attention”?? Why won’t they “take time to listen to us”: “We the People”?? What makes them “Falsely believe” they have all the right answers?? “Why should we “believe them”?? “Why would we “believe them”?? “Or how could “believe them”?? “How many deliberate lies have they told”??

“Why they “cannot: will not: and do not understand or comprehend” “they are the “major reason this country” has “lost credibility” “around the world and with the American people”!!

“This is “not ambiguous it is very clear”!! “We the People” want “positive changes”!! Congress and “you” Mr. President: make “those changes” “as soon as possible”!!

Dale W. Curtis,


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