Readers Write – Intersection Troubles

This letter is in regards to the intersection of U.S. Route 127 and Kruckeberg Road. When headed north on 127, there is only space for 1-2 cars to pull over in the turn lane to turn west on Kruckeberg Road. If traffic gets backed up to turn onto Kruckeberg, 3-5 cars could easily be waiting to turn. This causes several cars to be stopped in the left lane of 127. If a driver is not paying attention, they come upon stopped traffic when they are traveling at 60 mph. An accident waiting to happen. Also, traffic going east on Kruckeberg Road often gets backed up at 127 because there is not a right turn lane. Traffic would flow much better if there were to be a right turn lane from Kruckeberg Road to 127. Modifications were made at 127 and Children’s Home Road to accommodate the increased traffic from Whirlpool. Also, modifications were made at 127 and Sebring-Warner Road to accommodate the increased traffic.

With the addition of a new health care facility at St. Rt. 121 and Kruckeberg Road, which will increase the overall traffic in the area, it would make sense to find some way to alleviate the traffic back-up at the intersection of 127 and Kruckeberg Road. I seriously dread traveling through this intersection when traffic is heavy. It is an accident waiting to happen and I hope revisions can be made before something tragic happens.

Ruby Laughman,


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