Readers Write – I Stand for America

Our representatives in the State House stole our vote by legislating the marijuana law that we voted down and now the current laws don’t apply. This is the reason for Issue 1. If passed this will cause more criminal activity from those being overdosed and they are only charged with a misdemeanor three times ruining three families before they face a felony.

After 48 years of being controlled by the Dems, our country has been failing and we were put into shackles during the last White House administration. Thank you President Trump for unlocking them. The Dems have been divisive for many years – using democrats and a direct democracy processing, using whites, blacks and refugees for their goal (one world government). Those that represent this type of behavior are supporting and have caused many deaths in the world than any past wars. When the Dems lose they develop crocodile tears…furthermore a direct democracy is the lack of morality, unbroken line of descent, mob ruling and is illegitimate in America, whereas, an indirect democracy is established laws in our U.S. Constitution.

In a country you are a born citizen only through you’re descendants and crossing borders into another country to live, you take a literacy test. If you pass and reside in that country you obtain first papers (citizenship papers), then you have earned your place in that country.

Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom and because of that event we are natural born citizens…free born…in freedom. Let’s keep that freedom by un-electing the Dems and help President Trump qualify our refugees as they can live free. We in America have a Republic form of government…not a democratic government.

I stand for American and voting right…because I do not want to be left without a country. God Bless America!

Kenny Delk,


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