Readers Write – Gnashing of Teeth

Dear Editor,

My high school Civics teacher, Mr. Robert Spiller, helped formulate my belief of American Exceptionalism. Then, at the age of 17, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Before my 21st birthday I had visited over 20 foreign ports, traveled around the world and crossed the equator twice, which helped support my ideology. I found that U.S. was the only country that you had a right to think wrong and to verbalize those thoughts. The attitude in 1952 was you may vehemently disagree with what a person said but would passionately defend their right to say it. I love freedom of speech. It seems, today, many think if you disagree with them they should silence you.

Jesus described hell in Matthew 13:42 “…a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Today there is a gnashing of teeth in our culture that has been spawned in hell, conceived in a perverted psychological need to bully, incubated in maliciousness, birthed by left wing media and name Political Correctness (PC).

The gnashing of teeth forced Ronald Sterling to sell the Clippers. I would rather defend his right to say abhorrent things than to lose the concept of free speech. Are people so mindless that they are afraid to confront opposing ideas in the public square?

The gnashing of teeth caused HGTV to cancel a proposed reality show because the evangelical starts, in their private life, were actively anti-abortion and pro-traditional marriage, neither of which had any effect on the show. The show, Flip It Forward, would feature the twin brothers helping less fortunate families own their dream home.

The gnashing of teeth forced Condoleeza Rice, because she supported President Bush in the Iraq war, to cancel a speaking engagement at Rutgers University.

The gnashing of teeth forced the resignation of Brendan Eich from his position as CEO of Mozilla soon after his appointment because six years prior he donated to Proposition 8 in California in support of traditional marriage.

The attack on free speech is epidemic. Rational debate conciliates opinions not force or coercion.

Charles J. Arnett,


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