Readers Write – Apology for Cemetery

This is a public apology to anyone that has loved ones in the Castine Cemetery and to the Butler Township Trustees.

We have been taking care of the Butler Township Cemeteries for years now and we made a mistake that we felt deeply about. We realize Castine’s Memorial Service is the week before the others. By our records, everything was on schedule (because we also take care of Oak Grove Cemetery for Neave Township); all foundations were going to be poured the week before each service and freshly trimmed and mowed. Then 1 a.m. Sunday morning I realized we were in the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. I called Larry Royer to confirm the mistake, which the trustees weren’t happy about and had every right to be upset. Larry even made the comment they should have reminded us. Like I told him, no, we have done this long enough that a reminder wasn’t necessary. It was 100% our fault and unfortunately, due to it being so early in the month, we thought it was the following weekend.

As soon as we realized the mistake, we were out there at 7:30 Sunday morning getting it taken care of before the service. We did and still feel bad about the mishap. WE had really hoped we didn’t cause too much trouble. We have loved ones that have passed away, at other cemeteries and we know how we feel when their graves aren’t taken care of properly, so we try to treat our cemeteries how we wish our loved ones were treated.

We sincerely apologize and are sorry for this mishap. For anyone that has any complaints or concerns regarding the appearance of Castine Cemetery or any of the Butler Twp. Cemeteries, this past Memorial Day or anytime, we’d be glad to address your concerns and you can reach us by having one of the trustees give your our phone number. We have been taking care of these cemeteries long enough that we feel 100% accountable for any concerns.

James C. Penny Jr., owner

Penny’s Landscaping & Mowing

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