Perks Party Bus a Blackhawks winner

UNION CITY – Angela and T. J. Perkins, owners of Perks Party Bus played a big role in the Mississinawa Valley Blackhawks successful football season, a year the Union City, Ohio school would be the lone Darke County team making the OHSAA football playoffs.

Angela is a Mississinawa Valley alumni while husband, T. J. is a graduate of Piqua High School. After more than 12-years in Union City, T. J. is now a big part of the local community school spirit and pride.

The Union City, OH couple offered their party buses to Mississinawa Valley Schools to make road trips available for students to attend away games.

“The retrofitted buses, at the hands of Perkins come equipped with a bathroom, lighting systems, air conditioning, phone-charging ports, Bluetooth capable and many more conveniences.

“T.J. came to us and said can we do this,” said MV Athletic Booster VP Melissa Dirmeyer, a 1990 MV graduate.

“Many students don’t have a chance to go to the away games,” said T.J. “I went and talked to Mr. Winchester (MV Superintendent) about it and he said we can do it in town, not on school property.”

“Meeting in town is better because the kids are in walking distance of the designated parking lot to meet to get on the bus versus coming all the way out to the school in the country,” added Perkins. “We pick them up there and drop them off there.”

Safety is always at the forefront for the Perkins’ when providing transportation for MV students.

“I would never leave that parking lot until every kid is picked up,” Perkins said of the return trip home, “because it’s about the kids and their safety.”

What started out with 14-students the first away game quickly turned into the need for two Perks Party Buses for each Blackhawks’ road game.

“After the first one it spread like wildfire,” Perkins noted. “When you get to the game and you have more students in your section than the home team does, that’s what was awesome.”

The student section at MV home football games has seen an increase as a result of Perks Party Bus providing away games to Blackhawks fans.

“It brought a lot more kids to our home games,” said Perkins. “After going to the away games and seeing how football games work, a lot of the kids came to the home games and we had a whole bunch of the kids at the home games also.”

Arriving buses loaded with MV students at away games did not go unnoticed by the Blackhawks coaching staff led by head coach Steven Trobridge.

“The very first game that we won, after the game we getting ready to leave and our head coach came on the bus and started screaming and yelling at the kids – ‘thanks for coming, you guys rock’,” said Perkins, “and he even ended up buying treats for the kids for the last game because there were so many kids at the game,” added Dirmeyer.

With the need for an additional bus, Union City volunteer firefighter and member of the Union City Rescue, Greg Miller volunteered to drive a second bus for the Perkins. Both Perkins and Miller have the required CDL license to operate the party buses.

With the addition of Perks Party Buses has come renewed Blackhawks school spirit.

“You’re seeing a lot of kids that are coming in here with parents that were alumni here,” Dirmeyer. “I think that is part of it. They are starting to bring that spirit back, that pride back that and a lot is due to the Perkins family and taking those kids to the games. They love it, they look forward to it.”

“The kids know they can come to the game and have fun again like when I was in school,” continued Dirmeyer. “Now with Perks Party Bus the kids are saying, ‘you know what – we can have fun here’. It’s not just about going home and staying at home anymore.”

The MV students get high marks for the excellent behavior on trips to and from Blackhawks football games.

“Those kids have all been well behaved because they appreciate this so much,” said MV’s Sheila Scholl. “They are good kids. We have a lot of good kids at this school.”

Scholl is a Union City High School graduate located across the state line from Mississinawa Valley.

“I have been here at this school 24-years,” said the MV second grade teacher as well as the school’s high school cheerleader advisor. “All of my children are currently going to school here or have graduated from Mississinawa Valley.”

In appreciation for the service Perks Party Bus gives to the local school, T. J. was given a special shirt to wear.

“The back of the shirts says; ‘Backing the Blackhawks One Spirit Bus At A Time’, and I said on the front it should say, “Spirit Conductor” because T.J. is the director of the Spirit Bus, Angie and Greg,” Dirmeyer said. “They are the ones that have made this possible for all these kids.

“The kids have gotten close to the football team and those football players appreciate those kids out there,” concluded Dirmeyer. “I think it is going to carry over into basketball.”

Many MV volunteers helped improve the Blackhawks football area and stadium this season including 490 hours of donated labor and use of equipment and tools.

Duane & Sheila Scholl & Family

Todd & Amanda Grow & Family

Brant & Rebecca Watson & Family

Scott & Melinda Stachler & Family

Dave & Lesa Trump & Family

Andy & Jessica Byram & Family

Mike & Sherry Dirksen & Family

Melissa & Jake Dirmeyer

Mackenzie Dirmeyer

Doug Scholl

Karry Marker

Bob Stachler

Barney Stachler

Scott & Krista Hoggatt & Family

Brim Construction

Cody Coblentz

Brian Clum

Trenton Perkins

TJ and Tanner Perkins

Mason Townsend

Elijah Livingston

Max Guillozet

Shellie & Ava Stump

Steven Trobridge

Michael Trobridge

Dalton Jenkinson

Donations for the Blackhawks Football Improvements:

Jeff & Larissa Winchester & Family


John & Melody Fett & Family

Gerber Seed Services, LLC

Green Lawn Animal Clinic, Dr. Jennifer Gerber

Walls Materials, Bo Humphries

J.R. Blasting

Todd & Amanda Grow & Family

Duane & Sheila Scholl & Family

Doug & Lori Scholl & Family

Mason & Andrea Townsend & Family

Brian & Carrie Rehmert & Family

Mike & Sherry Dirksen & Family

Matt & Nicole Nieport & Family

Jamie Stocksdale

R.J. Painting & Tree Service

Press Box – Remodel Interior, New Stools, New Roof, Pressure Washed

Clean-Up Under Bleacher, Week Barrier, Limestone & Sand Added

Bleachers – Replaced Fencing, Paint, Pressure Washed

Concrete Pad – Concession Area

Blackhawks Wind Screen – Around Bleachers

Blackhawks Sign – Front of Press Box

Cost of Materials: $11,000

Funded by MV School District, MV Athletic Boosters and donations from community members & area businesses.

PHOTO CAPTION: (L-R) Sheila Scholl, Angela Perkins, T. J. Perkins and Melissa Dirmeyer. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

PHOTO CAPTION: Perks Party Bus. (Gaylen Blosser photo)


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