ODOT hears suggestions for Kruckeberg Road

GREENVILLE – About 125 concerned residents attended a public meeting Tuesday at Memorial Hall to offer input concerning the U.S. 127 and Kruckeberg Road intersection – the site of three fatal accidents since 2012.

The Ohio Department of Transportation hosted the meeting, which included a brief overview of possible solutions, listening to the public and an informal ‘open house’ session to allow attendees the opportunity to view conceptual drawings and speak one-on-one with ODOT representatives.

The meeting was part of ODOT’s current safety study of the intersection. Data being considered includes the past four years, during which 45 crashes have occurred, resulting in three fatalities. The last fatality, which took the life of a teen driver in August 2016, prompted a petition leading to ODOT’s safety study.

The petition organizer, Stacy Peters was in attendance Tuesday and thanked ODOT representatives for the work they’ve done so far in regards to the intersection.

However, Peters said she thought ODOT’s projected 2020 deadline was too far away.

“I think modification of the intersection is important. There is a need for change. I think 2020 is a long way away,” Peters said.

During the public comment forum, several suggested the Kruckeberg Road intersection be permanently closed.

Alternatives being considered by ODOT include:

* Do nothing

* Close Kruckeberg at U.S. 127, with no other improvements.

* Close Kruckeberg at U.S. 127 and upgrade the U.S. 127/State Route 121 interchange to a diamond interchange.

* Install a median on U.S. 127 at Kruckeberg Road to prevent the through movement on Kruckeberg and left turn movements on all approaches.

* Restricted crossing U-turn

* Partial restricted crossing U-turn

The study also is taking a look at how a renovated Kruckeberg Road project would affect traffic on neighboring roads, for example Children’s Home-Bradford Road, as well as looking at a projected growth study for the area.

ODOT representatives said they would like to move quickly on the project and explained the deadline to apply for safety funds was the end of April. If that deadline is missed their next opportunity would be September of this year. Many who offered their opinions Tuesday suggested ODOT close the intersection completely. Others questioned why a red light was not being considered.

Placing a light at the intersection would cause more accidents, said ODOT representative and project manager Mary Hoy, explaining ODOT does not “have the flexibility to change speed limits” in Ohio, which would have to take place if a traffic signal is installed.

ODOT is accepting written suggestions and opinions concerning the proposed $6 million project through Feb. 24. The public may email mary.hoy@dot.ohio.gov.

The city of Greenville and the Darke County Engineer’s office is assisting ODOT with the safety study and Kruckeberg Road project.

PHOTO CAPTION: Google Maps photos of the intersection of US Route 127 and Kruckeberg Road.

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