No additional jail time for Woods

DARKE COUNTY – Kennietha Woods, 27, of Dayton, will not serve additional jail time or be on community control sanctions in Darke County.

Woods, of Dayton, appeared for sentencing Thursday in Darke County Common Pleas Court for a sentencing hearing on a theft charge stemming from an incident occurring in March 2018..

After reviewing a pre-sentence report and Woods’ prior criminal history – which is extensive – Judge Jonathan P. Hein chose not to keep Woods on any type of control sanctions in Darke County. He sentenced her to 15 days with 15 days credit.

Hein remarked although Woods’ history is “chock full of problems” going back to 2013, he “was not interested in wasting our staff’s time” by requiring additional time or community control sanctions in Darke County.

Woods and her attorney, David Rohrer, both cited a history of mental health issues, as well as her current probation with Miami and Montgomery counties, and the fact she has a job in Moraine, as  reasons Hein should not consider additional jail time as requested by Assistant Prosecutor Jim Bennett.

Woods had pleaded guilty in November 2018, to the theft of a purse in March 2018.

Hein, suggesting Woods seek mental health treatment, noted he was going to “let Miami and Montgomery counties fix you.”


PHOTO CAPTION: Kennietha Woods with attorney David Rohrer will not serve additional time for theft. (Susan Hartley photo)


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