New Jennings Track & Field Complex welcomes 114 campers

GREENVILLE – The Greenville track camp saw 114 campers attend the first day of the week long camp held at the Jennings Track and Field Complex.

“Frist year the camp has been at this facility,” said GHS coach Bill Plessinger. “The facility works out perfectly for the camp. We can keep it all right here enclosed and everybody has a nice area to work.”

With the installation of the new artificial turf on the football field and construction of the new track facility just underway last year, the camp was scratched for the 2017 season.

“We took the year off last year so I was a little concerned about getting the numbers back up but obviously that wasn’t a concern,” Plessinger noted. “I missed it last year. It’s a lot of work to get prepared – it makes it all worthwhile.”

Head Varsity track coach Bill Plessinger, Varsity throw Coach Matt Levek, Distance Coach Stephanie Lind and past and present Greenville High School track athletes were on hand to instruct the young athletes.

“I have great people working for me,” said Plessinger. “Every person here was in track. They are kids that like kids and that like to work with kids.”

“These high school kids and the kids that have gone on to college started right here at this camp,” added Plessinger.

Students are learning the basics of track and field including hurdles, proper running techniques and introduction to field events.

“If you challenge kids,” Plessinger concluded, “they’re going to do it.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Campers learn proper hurdling techniques at first day of Greenville Track Camp. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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