New date set for MARCS move

DARKE COUNTY – The county’s switch to the MARCS communication system is now set for Monday, May 21.

“That’s the goal,” said Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker said this week.

MARCS was originally set to go online April 16.

Whittaker told county commissioners last month there was a delay in the installation of the fiber optic cable needed for MARCS to operate across the county.

Progress is being made, Whittaker said, noting the county’s agencies had been given the date of May 7 to install the needed equipment on their vehicles.

“If vendors meet their objective to get installation by May 7 we will allow a two- week time period to make sure everyone is up and running,” Whittaker said.

“What I’m telling all the chiefs is, because we’re dealing with so many vendors –  and so many vehicles – that need equipment installed, these dates are goals and are subject to change.

“This week we are installing the brand new 911 software,” at the sheriff’s office. “There’s a lot going on in our communications center.”

Whittaker said county officials are keeping in contact with the county’s agencies, giving updates on a regular basis, either by face-to-face meetings or emails.

Whittaker praised the county’s 911 coordinator, Melissa Hawes for her efforts working with the MARCS project.

“She’s been doing a great job keeping everyone informed,” he said.

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