Nearly $70,000 needed to complete airport renovation

DARKE COUNTY – Commissioners on Wednesday approved a $67, 560.17 change order for work being completed at the Darke County Airport.

The county will be responsible for paying 5 percent of the increase. The contract, with Sunesis Construction, now totals $1,855,307.55.

According to Mike Rhoades, workers realized the pavement was moving as they were working at the west end of the runway.

Upon further investigation, he said, “they found material underneath (the current pavement) that wasn’t correct.”

Rhoades went on to say “buried treasure was found down there, to put it politely.”

The renovation work, which closed the airport in May, is expected to be completed by July 26, Rhoades said.

Improvements include paving, striping and new lighting.

Also Wednesday, commissioners approved the hiring of Rodney J. O’Conner as the county’s facilities and safety manager, effective July 20.

O’Connor will spend the next few months being trained by current facilities and safety manager John Cook, who will be retiring at the end of the year.



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