MV’s Zac Longfellow takes first at Minster

MINSTER – Participating in the annual W.O.H.S.B.C. Singles Tournament held at Minster, Mississinawa Valley entered three bowlers in the boys shift.

In round one, the bowlers bowled two games which were then added together for a series total that would be used to cut the field to 32 bowlers for round two.

Mason Hardwick had a hard time hitting the pocket and ended the day with a 245 series. Roman Dircksen did well with a series of 373, advancing him to the second round.

Zac Longfellow bowled steady with a 436 series to advance to round two as well. In round two, the bowlers bowled a single game to add to their series, with the top four advancing to go head to head for the championship.

After switching lanes, Dircksen had a hard time finding the sweet spot and ended his day with a 527 series and in 24th place.

Longfellow continued to bowl steady and was the third qualifier for the championship round with a 664 series. He faced second qualifier Sam Bensman, from Versailles, while first qualifier Patrick Bohman, from Russia, faced fourth qualifier Keaton Bruns, from Coldwater.

Both semi-final games were very close, but Longfellow won over Bensman, 205 – 188, and would face Bruns for the championship, as he beat Bohman 192-181.

The final game was a nail-biter, as both bowlers were hitting the mark. Longfellow ended with a near perfect game of 11 strikes, with a nine-spare in the 9th frame, for a score of 279, while Bruns was right behind with a 258 giving the Mississinawa Valley bowler a first place finish.

PHOTO CAPTION: Mississinawa Valley bowler, Zac Lonfellow (R) takes first place with a 279 in WOHSBC Singles Tournament at Minster. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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