Mendenhall to serve jail, probation for vehicular assault

GREENVILLE – Joshua Mendenhall, 24, of Ansonia appeared in court Monday afternoon after previously being convicted on charges for injuring his passenger while driving under the influence.

According to a criminal complaint, following an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, Mendenhall reportedly was “highly intoxicated” and behind the wheel during the early morning hours of March 22. He lost control of his SUV on the 14,300 block of OH-49 North. The vehicle overturned injuring his friend – who was the passenger.

“His problem appears to be substance abuse,” stated defense attorney Randall E. Breaden.

Mendenhall entered a ‘no contest’ plea in November to Aggravated Vehicular Assault (F4), and misdemeanor offenses of driving under the influence and falsification.

“I just got a job…just give me the opportunity to prove myself,” Mendenhall told the judge during Monday’s sentencing.

Before announcing his decision, Judge Jonathan P. Hein spoke spoke directly to Mendenhall… “You need to use your brain…I don’t have enough probation officers with shock collars every time you make stupid decisions.”

Judge Hein ordered Mendenhall spend 45 days in jail, with work release privileges, complete up to 60 months on probation and 100 hours of community service. If he violates probation, he could face  up to 12 months in prison.

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