McEowen’s York book donated to library

GREENVILLE – Roger McEowen, local historian, recently donated his three-inch binder on York family genealogy/York family history to Greenville Public Library.

It was presented to the library genealogist Carolyn Fisher.

McEowen donated family and collateral family photos.

“My grandmother Susanna Hathaway’s maiden name was York, before she married ‘Pa’ B. F. Hathaway,” he said.

He went on to say that the York and collateral family members played a significant part in the early development of Darke County.

“Newberry Hork, wife Nancy (Slade) York and their children came to Darke County in 1817 as some of the first settlers,” he reported. “The couple would watch the York family grow in numbers. They had resided in Darke County the rest of their lives.”

“The book is being presented as a gift to the Greenville Library on behalf of Wally Garchow, Keitha (Hiestand) York and myself,” he said. “The book was developed and printed solely at the expense of us three individuals to provide the York family genealogy to interested family members and the general public. Anyone wishing to add family information or photographs to this book is welcome to do so.”

Others who contributed much time, money and effort to make this information available include Keitha York’s husband Edgar P. York, Doyle Martin and Thelma K. (Lambert) Barga.

McEowen’s pride in being a lineal descendant of the York family made him want to share the information and photographs available to him at this writing.

“Between Keitha and Wally, they put most of it together,” he said. “I took all the photos my mother and grandmother had saved. There were a lot of them. It was written in memory of all the early York family ancestors who came to America; especially those who were instrumental in clearing, settling and developing Wayne, Richland and York townships in Darke County. Also, to the many ancestors who recorded so much of the family history and kept photographs that are available for their descendants to cherish and enjoy today.”

While at the library, McEowen also presented the 15th in a series of binders covering a wide range of Darke County subjects. This recent donation focuses on Suter’s Meats Closing.

The other binders are Volume I, part of a four-volume set, containing pictures of many landmarks, such as various factories, businesses, parks, Garst Museum, the Nature Center and Eldora Speedway. Others binders feature the titles of The Darke County Fair, Classic Cars on Broadway, The Lewis & Clark Expedition, Bears Mill, Bicentennial Bells, Midwest Draft Horse and Mule Association, Greenville Farm Power of the Past, Steam  Threshers and the Traffic Circle Foundation Dedication.

McEowen, born northwest of Rossburg in 1934, began his genealogy studies in 1996 when he retired from Corning. He has written his own biography, a two-book set, as well as continuing to engage in tracing his family history, photography, grafting fruit trees, gardening and raising flowers in addition to battling cancer.

His hard work is appreciated.

“I appreciate Roger thinking of the library for the work he has done so thoroughly so others can enjoy it,” Fisher said.

PHOTO CAPTION: Roger McEowen donated the book of York Family history he helped prepare to Greenville Public Library’s genealogy department. Shown with him is Carolyn Fisher, genealogist at the library, accepting the book. (Linda Moody photo)

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