Matix appreciates athletic facility community support

GREENVILLE – The new turf field has been competed as scheduled for opening of the 2017 Greenville High School soccer and football season.

“I’m just glad some very dedicated people spent a lot of time, energy, meetings and putting this all together – Friends of Harmon Field to make this come to fruition,” said Greenville school board member Fred Matix. “It’s just a start what we’re going to see Friday night and it will continue this fall, then we’ll have our first track meet out there this spring. There are some more good things to follow with everybody contributing to the pot to help out financially to get this done.”

Fred Matix and his wife Joyce, moved to Greenville in 1976 taking a position with the Greenville City Schools including coaching and becoming the school’s long time athletic director before retiring in 2000.

“I can reflect back in ’76 when we moved here,” said Matix. “The stadium location, the high school sitting in a park – one thing that attracts people to this community, at least it did my wife and I.”

“I think it’s wonderful,” Matix said of the new upgrades. “Long time coming.”

Now a member of Greenville’s school board and past president of the organization, Matix understands the many long hours required to keep a high school football field in proper playing condition, not only for Friday nights, but for other sporting events many nights of the week.

“I know how much time was put in mowing the field, striping it and everything,” said Matix. “Times change and that’s the right thing to do. It’s going to be safer for our football players and soccer players.”

“We have a regulation soccer field now and it is all good things – there is nothing negative you can say about it,” continued Matix. “Last fall, with us having so many games there, and we had a wet fall, it just tore the field up when we had a grass field. With youth football playing out there every Sunday afternoon, which we haven’t had in the last few years, we had 90 some games out there.”

“This will be wonderful, wonderful for everybody concerned,” noted Matix, “even the moms having to wash uniforms and everything else.”

“It’s wonderful,” Matix Concluded. “Thanks to the community, tax payers, Friends of Harmon Field and everybody who has donated towards it.”

Go to: to learn more about how you can help and to follow the progress of the project.

PHOTO CAPTION: Greenville School Board member and former long time GHS Athletic Director Fred Matix. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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