Loyal and True

By Dr. Steve Gruber

ARCANUM – We have all become familiar with the songs that promote school spirit after all every school has one if not more. These songs contain words that encourage members of the student body or alumni to join together to accomplish a particular purpose. In many cases the words to these songs are memorized at an early age and are sung with enthusiasm at school and community events.

One such school song is “Loyal and True” that is good example of what I am talking about. The school and community of Arcanum have for many years sung with their voices or in some cases with their hearts these words; “Loyal and True, We pledge allegiance to you. This is our motto: We are one for all and all for Alma Mater. Here’s to our school and long on high may she rule. Forever more you will find us, always Loyal and True!” Every school in the county has a school song with similar words and expressions of loyalty to their school.

These are fine words but what do they really mean to those who sing them? What do they mean to alumni and members of the community? Each year as a new school year begins students and parents begin their efforts to secure funds to support extra-curricular activities that are so important to the enrichment of the school experience.

We all know about fund raisers, and it can be a challenge sometimes to have a positive attitude toward them. We sometimes forget that there were people who bought candy bars, decorative candles, chicken dinners, and raffle tickets to support our school activities “back in the day.”

In addition throughout the years our local businesses have provided cash and or product when called upon.Those folks, many we never met, were Loyal and True. As a result, our schools and communities have benefited from the work ethic and talents developed by our students who participated in extra-curricular activities.

Let me encourage you to consider supporting not only school fundraising activities but also our local businesses. Our schools, communities, and most important our children will be the better for it.

The Arcanum Athletic Boosters would like to thank the following sponsors for being Loyal and True fans during the 2019-2020 school year: AKA Construction, A.R. Winery, Gordon and DeSantis Orthodontics, Greenville Door Sales, Schmidt Photography Studio, Arcanum Lions Club, Quick Stop, Biller Stamps and Engraving, Brumbaugh Fruit Farm, Cherry and Williams Dental, First Choice Realty, Handshoe Photography, Jed Smith Farms, GNB Arcanum Banking Center, Larry Fourman Construction, O’Daniel Construction, Petey’s Pizza, Troutwine Auto Sales, Grabig and Schmidt, Phil and Karen Garbig, Graves-Fearon Agency, Second National Bank.

PHOTO CAPTION: (L-R) Chris Kessler, Victoria Martin, Jenni McCanns, Nicole Pholman, Rachel Fearon, Carrie Schmidt, Erin Fout, Dave Dennlinger, Lisa Norris, Abbey Moore. (Submitted photo)

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