Local athletes earn championships at CCC

WEST ALEXANDRIA – Darke County’s track and field athletes from Bradford, Ansonia, Tri-Village, Arcanum and Franklin Monroe traveled to Twin Valley South on Thursday and Saturday to test their skills against other athletes in the Cross County Conference for the annual championship. Some of those athletes not only walked away with championships, they set new records in their events.

Selene Weaver, the sophomore pole vaulter from Franklin Monroe, was the first to record a championship. On Thursday, Weaver captured the women’s pole vault championship and flew high with a mark of 11′ 1″. Teammate Keara Knepshield finished in second with an 8′ vault.

Austin Bruner of Tri-Village earned his championship in the 100m Dash with a record setting time of 10.94, knocking out the previous 11.00 record set in 2008. Bruner also took the 400m Dash with a time of 52.04. With a time of 22.78, Bruner took his third championship in the 200m Dash.

Tanner Delk of Arcanum took the top spot in the 1600m Run with a time of 4:34.00 and the 3200m Run with a time of 10:04.60. Teammate Chance Klipstine took the top honors in the Men’s 800m Run in 2:00.10

Jacob McQuinn led the way in the men’s discus event with a throw of 146′ 4″.

Arcanum was top finishing women’s team for Darke County in 4th place. Ansonia finished 6th, Franklin Monroe 7th, Bradford 8th, and Tri-Village 10th.

Arcanum men also finished 4th. Tri-Village took 6th, Bradford 7th, Ansonia 8th, and Franklin Monroe 10th.

Top Darke County finishers for each event:

4x800m Relay – Bradford, 2nd

100m Hurdles – Aidan O’Brian, Arcanum, 2nd, and Kara Hollinger, Tri-Village, 4th

100m Dash – New record of 12.02 by Mylan Crews of Twin Valley South; A’Tyah Knowles, Ansonia, 3rd

4x200m Relay – Arcanum, 6th

1600m Run – Mara Wetzel, Arcanum, 3rd

4x100m Relay – Ansonia, 4th

400m Run – Mercedes Smith, Bradford, 4th

300m Hurdles – Aidan O’Brian, Arcanum, 3rd, Katie Werts, Ansonia, 2nd

800m Run – Lydia Snyder, Ansonia, 8th

200m Dash – New record of 25.54 set by Mylan Crews of Twin Valley South; A’Tyah Knowles, Ansonia, 4th

3200m Run – Mara Wetzel, Arcanum, 2nd, and Olivia Daugherty, Bradford, 3rd

4x400m Relay – Ansonia, 5th

Discus – Tara Goubeaux, Franklin Monroe, 3rd, Morgan Best, Arcanum, 4th, and Kathryn Combs, Tri-Village, 5th

High Jump – Aliya Barga, Ansonia, 2nd, and Audrey Heiser, Arcanum, 4th

Long Jump – Selene Weaver, Franklin Monroe, 2nd, and Maia Stump, Bradford, 3rd

Shot Put – Morgan Best, Arcanum, 2nd, Kathryn Combs, Tri-Village, 4th, and Samantha McAllister, Arcanum, 6th

Pole Vault – Selene Weaver, Franklin Monroe, 1st, Keara Knepshield, Franklin Monroe, 2nd, and Mariah Troutwine, Ansonia, 3rd

4x800m Relay – Arcanum, 2nd, and Tri-Village 5th

110m Hurdles – Brock Shellhaas, Ansonia, 2nd, and Jacob Osswald, Arcanum, 5th

100m Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village, 1st

4x200m Relay – Arcanum, 7th

1600m Run – Tanner Delk, Arcanum, 1st, Landen Kreusch, Arcanum, 5th

4x100m Relay – Ansonia, 4th

400m Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village, 1st, Bailey Wyan, Franklin Monroe, 2nd

300m Hurdles – Jacob Osswald, Arcanum, 5th

800m Run – Chance Klipstine, Arcanum, 1st, and Justin Vanatta, Arcanum, 5th

200m Dash – Austin Bruner, Tri-Village, 1st

3200m Run – Tanner Delk, Arcanum, 1st, Landen Kreusch, Arcanum, 7th

4x400m Relay – Franklin Monroe, 4th

Discus – Jacob McQuinn, Bradford, 1st, Issiah Krauss, Arcanum, 2nd, and Alex Weiss, Arcanum, 6th

High Jump – Kyle Mills, Bradford, 5th, Josh Hollinger, Tri-Village, 6th

Long Jump – Kyle Mills, Bradford, 2nd, Josh Hollinger, Tri-Village, 3rd, and Dane Craport, Arcanum, 6th

Shot Put – Jacob McQuinn, Bradford, 3rd, Alex Weiss, Arcanum, 6th, and Adrian Nelson, Franklin Monroe, 7th

Pole Vault – Matthew Shook, Ansonia, 3rd, and Brock Shellhaas, Ansonia, 4th

Click HERE for a list of results.

PHOTO CAPTION: Austin Bruner (right) and Bailey Wyan (left) race for the finish line in the 400m Dash to finish first and second.

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