Lindsey demonstrates spinning at festival

PORTLAND, Ind. – Jay County Fiber Arts Festival is March 9 and 10 at the Jay Community Center, 115 E. Water St., Portland, Ind. The festival will feature classes, artists, food, vendors, demonstrations, sheep shearing and a kid’s area to enjoy. This year’s featured fiber arts lecturer is Kate Larson. She will speak about fiber arts and its unique bridge between art and agriculture. There are a whole host of demonstrators at the festival, including John Lindsey, who has been a long-standing participant.

Lindsey’s craft at demonstrating the usage of his spinning wheel and other fiber tools have been a big attraction among festival-goers. It was just over 50 year ago that he became acclimated with spinning when he purchased a walking wheel to fill up a space in front of his apartment’s picture window. Lindsey enjoyed his initial experience at spinning by uniquely teaching himself such skills and his curiosity grew from there. His knowledge of early American life in the 1850s, teaching skills and research on spinning all helped form his ability to be a proficient spinner.

He has a broad collection of spinning wheels, including the original spinning device, the drop spindle. Lindsey enjoys producing linen and fabric thread while spinning. Lately, he has raised flax seed plants from seed that are then used as a part of his linen making demonstration. As a left-handed individual working with right-handed and footed spinning wheels, he often feels like he is learning to operate these mechanisms in reverse.

He spends a lot of his time not only spinning, but also wood working. Lindsey has a passion of making wooden table and chair sets for his family, along with repairing items that are made of wood. The Jay County Fiber Arts Festival organizers are very thankful for Lindsey’s participation at demonstrating his talents to others at their annual event.

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PHOTO CAPTION: John Lindsey will be bringing his Spinning Wheel to the Jay County Fiber Arts Festival.

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