Lambda Phi helps Boys and Girls Club

GREENVILLE – A big “Thank You” goes to the Lambda Phi Sorority for their $750 donation to the local Boys and Girls Club. Partnering with the Lambda Phi Sorority has been a real blessing for the club because they rely on local donations to make the Club the success it is as the need is great and services approximately 400-450 kids a month.  Currently, the club’s fundraiser is a 127 Garage Sale; stop by to see the array of things you might like to have.  Their 127 Garage Sale dates/hours are: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Aug. 7-10. The Boys and Girls Club’s regular hours are 4-8 p.m., Monday-Thursday and Saturday 1-4 p.m.

The on-going purpose of our local Boys and Girls Club is to provide, manage and facilitate recreational and educational facilities for young boys and girls in the City of Greenville and Darke County.  The club provides club rooms, supervision, and a sense of community to encourage, healthful, interesting activities for young boys and girls. The organization has traditionally provided services to “at risk” youth ages 7-15 in the community, but all are welcomed.  Activities are varied such as games, crafts, multi-purpose activities, a work-out area, wood shop for both boys and girls, County Fair projects, and other interesting activities and services and all activities are supervised by a professional staff.  The Club has a “Christian Mission” of teaching children important values…respect for themselves (self-esteem, drug education, etc.), respect for property (anti-vandalism) and respect for others (conflict resolution, etc.) and to this end works with Youth for Christ, Campus Life and other spiritual organizations in the community.  For more information about the Boys and Girls Club contact Rita McCans, 417-2428, or Steve Willman, 417-2998.

Pictured are Susan Schaar, Sorority Treasurer; Carolyn Hemmelgarn, Sorority President; Tom Jenkins Boys and Girls Club Director, Jacob Kerney, one of the Club Volunteers and a Greenville High School Senior; and Rita McCans, Boys and Girls Club board member.

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