Ladies Night Out helps kids with kidney disease

GREENVILLE – Ladies Night Out, set for Feb. 10, is a fundraiser for siblings Cheyanne and Wally Mitchell at Romer’s in Greenville, 118 E. Main St.

The doors open at 4 p.m. for the event that will include vendor shopping, grand dinner buffet, entertainment, massage, manicures and a quarter auction….all for $40.

Adriane Mitchell, of West Alexandria, said her two oldest children were diagnosed with Nephronophisis in April 2017 and both need kidney transplants.

“The disease has deteriorated their kidney function so far that they will need a new kidney,” Adriane said. “Wally (age 12) is at less than 10 percent and Cheyanne (age 13) is at 14 percent.” She continued, “The symptoms were apparent for Wally and we kept asking doctors to look into them but never got any answers. Cheyanne had some sores on the corners of her mouth. We had them checked out and the doctor said it was an iron deficiency.” Both children are Twin Valley South Middle School students.

“Walt (father) and I took Cheyanne to an endocrinologist to have further testing done. They did tests and sent us home. An hour went by; we had just gotten home and Dayton Children’s called and told us to come right away. We rushed to the hospital. They did tests and said that she had strep and it was causing her to have high kidney numbers so they sent us home with antibiotics and told us to follow up with a nephrologist.” She added, “The doctor told us she had Stage 4 kidney disease and that she would start meds right away. We took Wally to get tested that next day and his results came back the same except his functions were much worse; he was Stage 5 and needed dialysis very soon.” They do dialysis at home for 10 hours a night while he’s sleeping. They are hoping he will be put on the transplant list soon.

According to Adriane, she and her ex-husband Walter Mitchell had a hidden gene, which caused the abnormality in their children.

“Cheyanne is on the donor list right now; although the children’s stepmom Sam so far is the donor,” Adriane said.

“Cheyanne is taking it pretty well. She doesn’t act sad at all; she says she’s ready to get her surgery over with and she just wants to be able to eat and drink whatever she wants,” Adriane said. “Wally, on the other hand, is having a harder time with it. He is on dialysis and has to go to his room and be hooked up to a machine at 8 every night. He has a lot of questions and doesn’t understand why he is sicker than Cheyanne.”

“They (Walter and Sam) go to every appointment with the kids and me,” she said. “They help me out whenever I ask for help.”

The Ladies Night was Tami Yount’s idea, according to Adriane. “She was searching for someone to do this for and she saw us up at the altar at church getting prayer for my children,” Adriane recalled.

Those interested in tickets for the Feb. 10 event may call 1-937-371-1930 or pick them up at Romer’s or contact

PHOTO CAPTION: Adriane Mitchell is shown here with her three children, Cheyanne, Wally and Della. 

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