Kids – wear bike helmet, get free ice cream

GREENVILLE  – Greenville Police Department and Zechar Bailey Funeral Home are teaming up to promote safety among the city’s young bike riders.

Beginning this week, Greenville police officers on patrol will be on the lookout for kids who are wearing bike helmets while they’re riding around town.

Once they’re spotted, officers will pass out tickets for free ice cream from the Dairy King, 805 Martin St.

“I think it’s an exciting program and appreciate the fine folks at Zechar Bailey for allowing us to participate,” said Greenville Police Chief Dennis Butts. “It allows us to get out in the public and do something positive. And it encourages positive behaviors. Certainly a helmet does make biking a lot safer.”

Kids wearing helmets who spot a police cruiser nearby may try to get the officer’s attention in a safe manner. “It’s a nice interaction between the kids in our community and our officers,” Butts said.

According to Greg Zechar of Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, the free ice cream for wearing a helmet program is making a comeback in Greenville. “Several years ago we had it in both Greenville and Versailles. The Versailles program is still active,” he said, with Alice’s Dairy Bar in Versailles partnering to provide the ice cream.

“The idea is to encourage kids to wear their helmets,” Zechar said. “The program will be year-round.”

Zechar said he’s also in the process of working out the details to bring the program to Arcanum and Ansonia.

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