Hoping the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow

Ever hear me say I don’t like winter? Well, it’s true.

Even though it’s part of nature I dread hearing weather forecasts … just glad they’re not always right.

Such as, two weeks ago when I thought we were supposed to get a sizable accumulation of the white stuff, but didn’t. Of course, I’m glad we didn’t, but the idea works on my nerves.

Then, what came in this past week with the frigid temperatures wasn’t much better. I was hoping that would pass over us but it didn’t.

Jamie and I were thankful we didn’t lose power…that is, until Friday night before last. We were heading out our door to attend an event, when everything went off. I decided we’d leave anyway…that it would be on back on by the time we got back.

Yes, the power was on when we returned but the TV wouldn’t come on. Jamie was mortified. I had Internet until the following afternoon and then it went out. However, we fortunately had our home phone.

I waited until Sunday and decided to call our TV/cable/phone provider but I also don’t like talking to machines, so I gave up, then headed into Greenville Monday morning and reported it.

Someone came to the house later in the day and we were informed that our TV was fried, but he hooked up another smaller TV we have in the house within a half hour after his arrival.

Of course, that model of TV wouldn’t allow Jamie’s WII game to be hooked up so we had to take what we got.

We decided that on Monday morning we would go get another TV at the store, after someone mentioned it to us.

So now, we have a new TV and things are back to normal here in the Moody household, with the absence of the WII game thus far. Three days without television was getting to be too much for us as we don’t even have a radio, but we survived.

I thought things were going to be okay after the forecast of frigid temperatures. I had an inkling there would be an outage because of high winds, but I was told that would probably not happen. But it did, around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, the power went off and stayed off for almost two hours…just enough to cool the house a little bit.

We were both so glad the power came back on. We just thank God we weren’t out for a long time like others were a couple of weeks ago during that storm. We also prayed that others were safe in whatever their situations were and that holds true for the rest of winter.

Now, you see why I don’t like inclement weather? Yes, it could have been worse but wasn’t.

I am so glad I don’t have to go out into it now that I’m semi-retired. And, I am glad we had enough food, drinks and household supplies to get by, even though it seemed like all I got done was prepare meals and wash dishes. At least, my son and I were together and he said that several times during our shut-in.

Since my column won’t appear until two weeks, have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Let us hope all we see is red that day and not that white stuff.


Please pray for these people: Frank Fullenkamp, Kelly Van De Grift, Marilyn Shellabarger, Tom Brumbaugh, Merlin “Bus” Booker, Randy Heck, Danny Brown, Neal Gray, Gary Thompson, Terri Hunt, Ruth Deal, Jack Hale, Jessi Klosterman, Marilyn Peterson, Dakota Miller, Jack Good, Mary Faller, Gruff Billenstein, Mary Ullery, Larry Badger, Wayne Neal, Bill Schellenbarg, Martha Higgins, Scott Clark, Duke Temple, Paulette (Swab) Shields, Neil Isch, Larry Hummel, Phyllis Turner, Kerry Young, Dale Clark, Judi Peters, Linda Birt Schaffer, Herbert Bayman, Adam Ullery, Vicky Henderson, Don Hittle, Emily Moody, Roger McEowen, Becky Garrett-Ross, Darcy Buckingham, Roger Tingley, Ron Kaffenberger, Crew Neaves, Jackson Stout, Katie Rehmert, Alayna Marie Brantley, Sherri Gibbons Feitshans, Irma Stewart, Chuck Davis, Dawn Oldiges, Don Booker, Tracy Pratt, Brenda “Bill” Riffell, Jim Marker, Mike Grillot, Mason Osterloh, Kyndal Wynk, Ron Kreitzer, Stacy Dorko, Keith Starks, Kohen Thwaits, Jerrod Pratt, Al Bliss, Layna Best, Wanda and Joe Bailey, Shelly Hoffman, Pappy Harshman, Bob Hiestand Jr., Rodney Hiestand, Tina Kiser Deaton, Kody Ketring, Lois Hittle, Kevin Hemmerich, Samantha Smith, Tim Heck and Ron Kramer.


Jamie and I send our condolences to the families of: Raymond Macias, Harold “Jake” Rodeheffer, Rebecca Hole, John Cecil, John Tinkle, Trevor Huber, Adam Seger, Claire Lynch, Pat Unger, Paul Dapore, Denny Cool and Hershel “Tony” Wray.


Happy birthday:

Feb. 7 to Jessica Garber Cannady, Brianna Lore, Sharon Yohey Siders, Kelly Bryam and Steve Holden.

Feb. 8 to Ray Prasuhn, Tom Hathaway, Chad Easterling, Shad Sebring, Marilyn Erwin, Greg Kimmel, Hazel Batten, Norma Gard, Nathan Eagle, Shawna Kammer Stachler, Teri Small, Reece Everman, Chuck Gasper, Chuck Langenkamp, Charles Stump and Deanna Bowers.

Feb. 9 to Christian Price, Randy Byrd, Randy Swisher, Sidney Staver, Bill Brown, John Tabler, Kylie Hathaway, Shelly Soward, Tim Summers, Mick Boltin, Richard Grow and Laura Armstrong.

Feb. 10 to Holly McGhee, Becky Garrett-Ross, Jane Billenstein, Gary Scanlon, Shawn Hall, Elvin Fourman, Pauline Cox, Butch Widener, Tom Hans and Pat Younce.

Feb. 11 to Kris Riffell, Rebecca Riffell, Angie Clouse Westfall and Julie Warner-Price.

Feb. 12 to Dan Norton, Laura Ahrens, Soni Smith, Kevin Schlechty and wife Terri Schlechty, Kellen Amspaugh, Steven Anthony, Bruce Rindler and Denise Byrum.

Feb. 13 to Tim Rhoades, Art Fischer, Alyssa Henderson, Ann Palmer and Nancy Camacho.

Feb. 14 to Joshua Harmon, Chris Young, Michele Good, Sherry Benge and Butch Amspaugh.

Feb. 15 to Tina Shafer Brooks, Quenton Riffell, Dick Shook, Michael Amspaugh and Jennifer Sturgill.

Feb. 16 to Lori Smith Riegle, Jerry Duncan, Chad Young, Colleen Loxley, Kent  Stump, Doug Riffle, Gary Garrison, Jack Edwards (70) and Sandra Ashby.

Feb. 17 to Dave Bricker, Barbara Marker, Beth DeLong, Paul “Jamie'” Gray, Bob Campbell (70), Joan Trittschuh, Connie Schuette, Diane Bilenstein, Sorona Verneman, Donna Peters Arnett, Michael Gesslers and his mother Karen Gessler, Cindy Rismiller, Darrell Fox, Stacie Sharp and Kim Knick.

Feb. 18 to Sterling  Gregory, Jodi Reichert, Steve Garman, Jodi Leeper, Courtney Riegle, Tammy Leugers, Wayne Bowman and Chris Heitkamp.

Feb. 19 to Marvin Pierron, Larry Singer, Danny Monnin, Shawn Peters, Angie Minnich and Chris Thornhill.

Feb. 20 to Tim Dickey, Charlene Sanders Hartzell, Melissa Anderson, Dan Lenker, Bev Garrison, Brooke Muhlenkamp, Larry Hall, Austin Edwards,

Happy anniversary to: Norman and Barbara Weimer on Feb. 3; Mike and Cindy Mescher on Feb. 4; Onneke and Josh Edwards on Feb. 5; Roger and Marlene Riffell on Feb. 8; Charlene and Donn Thornhill (55) on Feb. 9; Ed and Shelba Kelly on Feb. 11; Angie and Dave Westfall on Feb. 13; Brad and Cindy Horsley, Dennis and Nina Barga and Elaine and Butch Amspaugh, all on Feb. 14; John and Ruth Peters and Jim and Billie Marshall, all on Feb. 15; Alan and Shirley Phillippi on Feb. 16; Larry and Julie Hall on Feb. 18; Terry and Marge Young and Gary and Denise Heitkamp, all on Feb. 20.

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