Greenville’s Jerrod Newland GWOC American North Coach of the Year

GREENVILLE – Greenville Lady Wave varsity softball coach Jerred Newland was recently named GWOC American North coach of the year.

“It’s about the kids,” Newland said of the recognition. “I didn’t get any hits or any wins, but a good honor, a program honor. Hats off to the kids, the program, the coaching staff and 2018 Lady Wave softball season.”

The Lady Wave just completed their 15 consecutive season of 25 or more wins with Newland at the helm the past 16 years.

“Just had a lot of fun with the 18 kids this year and just so proud of them,” Newland stated. “Two seniors and a junior and 15 young kids running around smiling. Very impressionable group and I feel the Lady Wave coaching staff this year went above and beyond.”

“They did a great job and just honored,” Newland added. “It’s my 16th season – just proud of the ride and the kids and more importantly; community, family and fans. Just a good ride and proud of the kids and blessed to be able to do it.”

Newland passed the 400 career mark with a 5-3 win over Miamisburg earlier this year and concluded the 2018 season with 423 Lady Wave wins.

“The coaches and the league pick it,” Newland said of the award. “This year we had the seven kids make first team All-League and two kids second team. To think of that and to think that we had 11 kids in the mix for all-league honors. That just says something about our program.”

“I guess we won our sides so they let me be coach of the year,” chuckled Newland, “but more importantly just about the kids and the program and plying the great GWOC schedule they put upon us. Just honored to be in the GWOC, obviously winding down.”

“With the GWOC scheduling 15 of our 27 games, that only leaves for us to schedule 12 games and my job as the coach is to schedule the 12 best teams where ever it is, to get the Lady Wave Softball team ready to make a state wide appearance again,” said Newland. “We’re just blessed to be invited to a few places and anxious to hear what we are allowed to do school wise traveling to different tournaments.”

“My goal is to play the best competition possible and get ready for the end and just excited for those 12 games (non-league) every year,” continued Newland. “The new league coming up here in a couple of years will schedule 18 of our games, so the new MVL will be 18 games – that only leaves for nine non-league contests and pretty much values your non-league games as to what you can get and where you can get them. Just excited as we move forward.”

“My goal in the 16 years I’ve been in charge is always – it’s a heck of a lot more fun to be the small fish in the ocean than the big fish in the pond,” Newland concluded. “I’ve always coached by those philosophies.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Greenville Lady Wave softball coach Jerred Newland – GWOC American North coach of the year. (Gaylen Blosser photos)

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