Greenville Power of the Past a record setter

GREENVILLE – The Greenville Power of the Past saw a record number featured tractors on the grounds for the 2016 show.

The John Deere Company took the honor with 201 John Deere tractors at the event surpassing the previous record of 192 tractors. More than 350 tractors of all makes filled the grounds.

“We have the most feature tractors…we have 201 John Deere that are officially on the grounds,” said even PA announcer Rick Brewer. “There are probably more. The last record was 192, so we set a new record for at least the feature tractors.”

With four days of cooperative weather, the 2016 show held at the Great Darke County Fairgrounds was well attended.

“Very pleased,” said Don Marchal of Versailles, a 19-year Power of the Past board member. “The weather gave us a break and we have a real good feature with the green and yellow tractors. People came out for them.”

As with all board members, the 79-year old Marchal was busy tending to his duties at the four-day event.

“I’ve been taking care of parking tractors for 17-years,” said Marchal. “Help people place their tractors… that and take care of the gas pump and if there is a job someplace, you just do it.”

Long time PA announcer Rick Brewer of Greenville was at his mic keeping visitors informed of each day’s events while often sharing bits of information of our “power of the past”.

“This is a really big show, a nice show,” said Brewer. “One of the things we pride ourselves, and the county needs to be proud of, we have one of the nicest fairgrounds in the state.”

“The majority of the tractors are in the shade,” continued Brewer. “There are many shows where they are out in the middle of a field in the hot sun. It’s a drawing card for us. It has helped us secure other national and regional shows coming here. It’s wonderful with the paved driveways and all the features we have.”

Marchal agrees the local fairgrounds is an excellent venue for the Power of the Past.

“Everybody seems to enjoy it… very good crowds,” said Marchal. “I’ve had people come up to me and say this is a good show.”

With the Greenville Power of the Past outdrawing many county fairs, the board is looking to 2017 and beyond bringing our farming history to the local area and allowing old friends to meet once again.

“For one week a year all the members are all best of friends,” Brewer said. “That is kinda unique. I don’t see them for 51-weeks, but this week we are all best of friends… sit and visit and have a good time.”

“We have already started on next year,” concluded Brewer. “We have three national shows coming in…we have them planned out for several years.”

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