Greenville Police Beat – Juveniles caught riding handicap carts inside Kroger

Juvenile Complaint

On June 26 an officer was dispatched to Kroger in reference to two juveniles riding the handicap carts. The officer spoke with a store employee who said the juveniles were inside the store riding the handicap carts. The juveniles were running into displays and refused to get off the carts when asked by store employees. The employee said he wanted both subjects warned for trespass. Upon entering the store the officer located two males, 17 years old and 14 years old. Both were told they have been trespassed from Kroger and if they returned they could face criminal charges. According to the report, both the juveniles were disrespectful and rude. After checking the 17-year-old’s driving status, he was released. The officer placed the 14-year- old in the police cruiser and asked dispatch to contact his father in reference to this incident and a curfew violation. The father could not be reached by phone so the officer requested another officer go to his residence. Contact was made with the father and he was advised he need to go to Kroger and pick up his son. The teen was issued a summons for the curfew violation and released to his father.

Suspicious Person

On June 29 an officer was dispatched to the 600 block of Martin Street in reference to a male subject stumbling as he was walking towards McMiller’s carry-out. Upon arrival the officer saw a subject matching the description at the corner of Martin and Anderson. The subject, Kevin Nickson, was very fidgety and acting extremely nervous. According to the report, his behavior seemed consistent with meth use. At first, Nickson refused to identify who he was. While talking further with Nickson he started to cry and indicated that he had just been in an argument with his girlfriend. Nickson was pacing around and told the officer he could not keep going back to jail over and over again. The officer was still trying to identify Nickson when two other officers showed up on scene. As they exited their patrol car, Nickson looked around and took off running across Martin Street, taking his backpack off and throwing it on the ground. The officers apprehended Nickson between two homes on Martin Street. He was handcuffed and detained in the cruiser. One of the officers located the backpack. No contraband was found in the backpack. Nickson said he ran because he was on probation for child support and did not want to go back to jail. Nickson was issued a summons for obstructing official business and released with his backpack.

Wanted Person

On June 26 an officer was dispatched to the Stardust Motel on State Route 49 in reference to an overdose. Upon arrival, the female complainant was in a room frantic and screaming with the suspect Paul Deal. Who was unresponsive and not breathing. Greenville Township Rescue arrived on scene and administered two doses of Narcan to Deal, who admitted he snorted fentanyl. No drug abuse instruments or drugs were found at the scene. Deal signed a refusal to go to Wayne HealthCare for treatment. Dispatch advised officers Deal had two active warrants – one through Greenville Police Department for failure to appear on arraignment for an original charge of assault, with a bond of $5,025. The second warrant was through the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Deal was transported to the Darke County Jail. He did not receive charges for this overdose.


On June 26 an officer was called to the 1300 block of North Chippewa Drive. Upon officer’s arrival, two officers located suspect Jeff Brickler. Brickler said he had been in a verbal altercation with his ex- girlfriend and after the verbal altercation he began to pack his belongings. A dispute then occurred over tobacco. Brickler left the residence and was waiting outside of the residence for a ride. While waiting, Brickler stated he was using his pocket knife to clean his fingernails. While waiting, two of the complainant’s sons approached him from both sides. At that time the two sons ran back into the house yelling Brickler had a knife. The complainant also told the officer she and Brickler had been in a verbal altercation earlier in the day and Brickler began packing his belongings. While Brickler was packing the complainant said she observed items she had purchased in his bag and began to pull the items out. At that time Brickler grabbed her and she called to her sons for help. One of the sons escorted Brickler out of the residence and locked the door. After a few minutes the complainant received a call that Brickler was by her vehicle. One of the sons went outside, locked the car and went to speak with Brickler who had moved to the side of the apartment building. While Davidson approached from the east side of the building the complainant and her other son approached from the west side. When Brickler saw one of the sons, he pulled out his knife and began to chase after him. The son, fearing Brickler would cause him harm, ran to the back door of the residence. The complainant and her other son ran in through the front door. After getting inside they called police. Brickler’s knife was taken as evidence and he was issued a citation for aggravated menacing. Brickler was also warned for trespass and harassment.


The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.





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