Greenville Police Beat – 08-29-14

Police respond to a fight, multiple juvenile incidents

On Aug. 15 police were dispatched to 407 1/2 E. Fourth St. regarding a fight. One officer was already on the scene and had administered first aid to the victim, Matthew Karnaham, for a head injury. He was taken to Wayne Hospital for treatment. Karnaham had a deep laceration surrounded by a swollen knot on his forehead. He told police Justin Dispennette and Zackary Wilkerson tried to fight Christion Paris. Wilkerson arrived first but Paris defended himself. The suspect left and allegedly returned about a half hour later with Dispennette and other unidentified subjects. Karnaham picked up the hammer; Dispennette said to put the hammer down so they could talk. As soon as Karnaham did, Wilkerson started throwing punches and Dispennette picked up the hammer and started swinging at him. Karnaham said he remembered Wilkerson falling down, then Dispennette struck him with the hammer. A second victim, Hayley Phenia, corroborated Karnaham’s story, then added after Dispennette struck Karnaham he threw the hammer at her, hitting her in the back. She had a large swollen welt on her left shoulder blade. The hammer was found at 409 E. Fourth St. The two suspects were not located. The report will be sent to the Prosecutor’s office for Felonious Assault charges.

On Aug. 21 police observed a vehicle at North Park at 10 p.m., which is after the park was closed. The officer attempted to flag the driver down but was ignored, so he made a traffic stop. As the officer approached the vehicle he could smell the strong odor of marijuana. In the vehicle were a male driver, a male juvenile front seat passenger and two passengers in the back seat: a male, Cameron Walker, and a female juvenile. The driver was unlicensed and the vehicle was registered to Walker’s father. The odor of marijuana continued to get stronger as the officer spoke with the individuals. They denied having any marijuana in the vehicle. The officer observed, in plain view, a clear glass device with a burnt green leafy substance inside of it. The occupants were asked to exit the vehicle while the officer conducted a ‘probable cause’ search. A blue and white glass pipe containing burnt residue was located in the center console; and two containers were located on the rear floorboard. The driver was cited for Driving without a Valid Driver’s License and Walker was cited for Wrongful Entrustment and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On Aug. 20 police were on patrol when the officer observed an altercation on the front porch of a residence. A male individual had blood running down his face from an injury to his mouth. He told police he had slapped his daughter in a disciplinary manner because of the way she was talking to some people at the residence. The daughter got angry and hit him hard enough to make his lip bleed. The juvenile admitted to hitting him several times. The father said he did not wish to give a statement; however due to the injury and the officer’s observations, the daughter was cited for Domestic Violence. The father said he would leave the residence briefly to calm down and that his daughter could stay there. Police determined there was no need to contact Juvenile Court.

On Aug. 15 at 3:36 a.m. police responded to a call about a male and female yelling. The officer observed one male and three females in the area of Emmitt B. Smith Park. The officer made contact with the male and one female; the other two were observed running away. They were told to stop but kept running. A second male was found hiding. The girl, a juvenile, was cited for Curfew. The first male left the area. The male who was hiding gave the police the identities of the two girls who ran and said they had been drinking. Police made contact with the first girl at her residence. She was observed to be highly intoxicated. She said she was 13 and admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages at the park. She was cited for Curfew Violation and Underage Drinking. The mother was present as the officers spoke with the juvenile. They went to the residence of the second girl and were told she hadn’t yet returned home. The mother was told to contact police when the girl returned, which she did at 6:40 a.m. The girl admitted she ran away from the officers and had stolen a bottle of vodka from Walmart. She was cited for Underage Consumption and Curfew Violation. She was also advised she might be charged with theft if Walmart wished to pursue charges.

On Aug. 19 police responded to Walmart, 1501 Wagner Ave., regarding a juvenile shoplifter. The male was stopped, police contacted and items returned. He was given a Misdemeanor citation for Theft and released to his mother. The Walmart security officer advised the juvenile would not be trespassed from the store.

On Aug. 24 police responded to McDonalds, 1301 Wagner Ave., regarding a possible domestic altercation. The female said Austin Barron had left the area and they were only arguing; however she didn’t want him following her home. She described the vehicle he left in; police saw it turning behind the old K-Mart building and conducted a traffic stop. The officer noted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on him, bloodshot eyes and slurring of speech. Barron stated he’d had a beer and a half. He did poorly on the field sobriety test, subsequently was arrested for OVI. At the police station his breath test measured .09. He was placed under Administrative License Suspension and released to his mother.

On Aug. 15 police were dispatched to the Police Department regarding a vehicle theft. The victim, Timothy Miller, said an unknown person had taken his vehicle without his consent. He had parked his vehicle at 117 E. Fifth St. before work; when he returned that evening it was gone. Miller said Dayton police had contacted him about his vehicle and asked him to go to Greenville police to make a report. The officer contacted Dayton police and was advised they had seen a suspicious vehicle and found Zachariah Browning passed out in the driver’s seat. They found Brianna Morris in the area and she admitted she’d also been in the vehicle. The Dayton officer said the steering column had been torn apart and there was front end damage to the vehicle. There was a screwdriver in Browning’s back pocket. Both parties were charged with drug offenses; Browning was also charged with Receiving Stolen Property. The police advised where the vehicle could be picked up.

On Aug. 22 police were dispatched to the Darke County Courthouse regarding an arrest warrant for Kaleal J. Ester. He was originally sentenced to Anger Management classes for a disorderly conduct charge. The warrant was for not completing the classes. He was arrested and taken to Darke County jail to serve three days.

On Aug. 19 police were dispatched on a domestic call which involved no action; however Jonathan Mikesell was arrested on an unrelated tax warrant by GPD for failure to appear on his arraignment. He was transported to Darke County jail on a $525 bond.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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