Greenville Police Beat 08-22-14

Police investigate robbery, child burn victim and more

On Aug. 16 police responded to Greentown Sunoco, 841 Martin St., regarding a robbery that had just taken place. The suspect was a white male wearing a ski mask and carrying a knife. He fled the area on foot. Police were unable to locate the suspect at that time. Employee Christina Crowe said she had just entered the restroom when she heard someone inside the store. The suspect was behind the counter. He quickly approached her and allegedly yelled, “I’m robbing you! You better hurry and open the cash register!” According to the report the suspect also said he had a knife and would use it on her. He displayed a folding knife with a serrated blade approximately 4-5 inches long. Crowe stalled long enough to activate the panic alarm, opened the register and the suspect grabbed approximately $260 cash and fled on foot toward the Dairy Queen area. DCSO deputies arrived, also a K9 unit, and aided in the search but were unable to locate the suspect. Nothing further at the time of the report.

On Aug. 14 police were dispatched to Children’s Services regarding a possible child abuse incident. The child’s grandmother was taking him to the agency because he had two burn marks on his left arm, one on his right arm and a burn mark on his right leg. They were allegedly caused by a lighter used by suspect Kirt Kiser. Kiser allegedly laughed when the burn marks made the child cry. The child told Kiser he was going to call the cops but Kiser said he didn’t care. Pictures of the injuries were taken. Police went to the mother’s house and got a written statement confirming the statements about the incident, noting she also saw the burn marks. Officers were unable to locate Kiser. Police will seek Felony Domestic Violence and Child Abuse charges against Kiser with the Darke County Prosecutor. Kiser has a prior conviction for Domestic Violence; the mother said she will be moving out and will seek a protection order against Kiser.

On Aug. 17 police were dispatched regarding a domestic incident involving the suspect, Nick Flora. The victim and Flora had gotten into an argument; she drove him home. The next day he texted her to pick him up so he could get his car. She did, and during the drive they began arguing again, at which time he allegedly grabbed her throat and began choking her. She said he did this several times. Police made contact with Flora at his residence. He admitted being in the vehicle and arguing but denied domestic violence. Following a brief interview he was arrested and transported to Darke County jail.

On Aug. 14 police were dispatched to the back of the building at 395 Martin St. regarding possible drugs use. Three males were there: Gabriel Baldwin, Austin Hosbrook and Harley Campbell. The officer asked for identification. Baldwin’s eyes looked bloodshot and he spoke slowly. He reached into his book bag, at which time the officer saw a translucent pill bottle that had a leafy green substance inside of it. When asked what was in the bottle, Baldwin got nervous, stating it was probably an empty pill bottle. The officer removed the pill bottle and opened it; the substance had the smell of marijuana. The officer searched the bag and found another bottle with green seeds, plus a clear plastic bag, both containing what appeared to be and had the odor of marijuana. The officer also discovered an unloaded .38 caliber revolver. Baldwin had been convicted of felony Breaking & Entering in 2012. He was placed under arrest for having a Weapon under Disability, and cited for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia. He was transported to Darke County jail.

On Aug. 14 police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Shannon Forsythe. Her passenger was Kendra Forsythe. The vehicle was stopped for a Left of Center violation; Shannon said she thought it might be a steering problem. Shannon admitted to having a pending drug case for trafficking heroin and appeared nervous, but gave permission for her vehicle to be searched. A Darke County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and stayed with Kendra. While the officer was searching the deputy informed him Kendra had said she had “approximately 10 capsules of heroin concealed in her underwear.” The officer asked if this was true; she said yes. Kendra advised she could remove it and, removed a cigarette pack with 19 capsules with a tan substance appearing to be in the form of a rock inside the capsules. Kendra stated it was heroin. She also advised she had a “rig” (or syringe) in her bra and was able to remove it as well. Kendra was handcuffed and placed in the cruiser; Greenville Township Rescue was called because track marks on her arms appeared to be infected and were bleeding. She refused transportation from Rescue and advised she needs help; she uses approximately 6-8 capsules of heroin a day. She was charged with Possession of Heroin and Possession of a Drug Abuse Instrument and transported to Darke County jail.

On Aug. 2 police were dispatched to Colonial Trailer Park at 5438 SR 49 So. Lot 21 regarding a complaint by Scott Fansler. He stated he was at a resident’s house when he drove by Lot 21, John Debord’s house. Debord got into his truck and tried several times to run him over. Fansler said “he was scared and thought that Debord was going to kill him when he was only a couple of feet from his back fender.” When police talked to Debord, he said “He’s lucky I didn’t run his a__ over!” plus other statements that included profanity. He said Fansler had been harassing him. A witness confirmed he saw both vehicles leaving the trailer park like a “…bat out of h___.” Fansler and the witnesses wrote statements, Debord declined. The case will be submitted to the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office for the Grand Jury.

On Aug. 10 police were dispatched to Wayne Hospital Emergency regarding a victim, Rocky Yoder, with a stab wound to the neck area. Yoder said a possible suspect had gone to a friend’s house while he was there, telling him to come out and fight. The friend was reportedly dating the suspect’s ex-girlfriend. Yoder said he went outside to talk with the suspect and they argued. He thought the suspect had punched him in the neck. He acknowledged he’d been drinking alcoholic beverages and hadn’t realized at the time the suspect had been holding a small knife and he’d been stabbed. When he awoke the next morning the injury was painful and he had trouble swallowing. Attempts were made to contact two possible witnesses. The case is under investigation.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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