Greenville Police Beat – 08-15-14

Police respond to child custody and drugs incidents

On July 8 police were dispatched to 344 E. Main St. regarding a child custody exchange. The mother informed the police her two children were at the grandmother, Lisa Brickler’s house. The mother said she’d never given permission for the children to be there and believed they were being held against their will. When the officer knocked on the door Brickler allegedly yelled she was not giving up the kids. She told the officer the kids were asleep and she wasn’t getting them up. The officer did not believe that due to the yelling and having seen them a few minutes before the call occurred. Exchanges were made between the officer and Brickler; Brickler allegedly responding with curses and threats. The officers started to return to their vehicles to call for backup when Brickler exited the residence with her boyfriend, Joshua Rhoades. She made a series of disorderly comments and was warned repeatedly to stop. She continued to make them, including charges against the mother, then re-entered her residence. Rhoades allowed the officer to follow. The officer requested Brickler to stop and return to him. Brickler was told to place her hands behind her back so she could be handcuffed for interfering with child custody. She refused. Attempts to handcuff Brickler became a struggle as she continued to resist. The other officer came into the residence but was unable to help due to the cramped area they were in. She was eventually handcuffed. The officer noted a rug burn under her left eye but she refused treatment for possible injury. The officer reported he’d told her at least eight times to put her hands behind her back because she was under arrest. During the struggle the officer realized the two children were standing just a few feet away, dressed and fully awake. Once Brickler was handcuffed she became “remorseful and polite,” saying she was sorry for her actions. The children were returned to their mother. One of them made a complaint about Brickler’s treatment. Since the situation had been resolved, Brickler was cited for Interfering with Child Custody and Resisting Arrest, then released.

On Aug. 8 police were dispatched to 122 W. Main St. regarding a child custody complaint with the same individuals, Lisa Brickler and the children’s mother. The mother told police she needed an officer to accompany her to pick up her children from the grandmother. She said one of her children said Brickler had choked him. The mother was told to go to the police department. The mother said she had told her children earlier in the evening to leave Brickler’s residence and meet her at a different location. Brickler later told police this happened about 11 p.m. She noticed they were gone and found them enroute to the location their mother had specified. She followed in her vehicle. One child came back when requested; she had to wrestle the other into her vehicle. Brickler transported them to the police station and told police she had never choked the child. On Aug. 10 police went to 344 E. Main St. for Brickler’s statement. She told police there was a witness who observed the mother speaking to her children. She allegedly overheard the mother telling the children to accuse Joshua Rhoades of harming one of the children and Brickler of harming the other. The mother allegedly said to the children, “I mean it,” several times. The witness wrote out a statement to this effect. The report has been forwarded to the Darke County Prosecutor for review.

On Aug. 7 police went to 704 1/2 Martin St. to serve a felony arrest warrant on Bill Bowers. Ashley Hughes, who also resides at that address, told police Bowers was not there. She gave permission for them to enter to be sure. In the house were another adult and three small children, the youngest 2-3 years old. During the search police discovered a plastic bottle with aluminum foil wrapped around the top; holes poked in the foil. The side of the bottle had a pen shaft sticking out of a hole. According to the report, devices like this were typically used to smoke marijuana.  The 2-3 year-old told the officer “That’s Bill’s. He smokes out of it.” The child added Bowers had another one but the officer couldn’t find it. The officer advised Hughes what he had found and asked what it was used for. She reportedly told him it was “probably for marijuana.” Charges are pending on Hughes for Permitting Drug Abuse and Child Endangerment.

On Aug. 8 police observed a black Chevrolet northbound on Wagner Avenue but when the license plate was checked it came back belonging to a tan Oldsmobile. The driver, Brian Bailey, was stopped for Fictitious Plates. While speaking to Bailey the officer noted the suspect’s hands were shaking, a strong odor of alcoholic beverage and glassy eyes. When the officer asked if he could search the vehicle, Bailey said no. The officer then called for a K-9 unit. When it arrived from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, the K9 ‘hit’ on the driver’s side door of the vehicle. The vehicle was searched on “probable cause” and police discovered substances believed to be marijuana. Bailey was cited for Possession of Marijuana and Fictitious Plates, then released from the scene.

On Aug. 9 police observed the victim in the back parking lot of the Greenville Police Department. She was crying and said she had been assaulted by the suspect, William Duncan. She said they’d both been drinking, that he became angry while watching a football game. He allegedly began choking her around the neck. She had visible red marks and scratches on her neck. She said however she did not need medical attention, adding Duncan had prior domestic violence charges involving her. When police went to the residence, Duncan told them they’d had a verbal argument but “it was never physical.” The suspect has two Domestic Violence convictions making this one a felony. He was arrested and taken to Mercer County jail.

On Aug. 6 police were dispatched to 122 W. Main St. regarding an assault. The victim, Shannon Harter, said he had been assaulted by Jerry Hunt at the residence of Blaine Jones, his employer, 1115 Wayne Ave. Hunt had reportedly driven by as Harter was getting into his vehicle. Harter believed there would be a problem because of an ongoing court case and ran to Jones’ front door which was now locked. Hunt caught up to him and allegedly struck him several times in the nose and the back of the head. By the time Jones heard the struggle and opened the door, Hunt was back in his truck. Harter had a red mark on his nose, and his nose and the back of his neck appeared to be swollen. He refused medical treatment indicating friends were going to take him to the hospital. On Aug. 9 Hunt went to the Greenville Police Department and told the officer he had observed Harter trying to get into one of his food trailers at the fairgrounds. He had stopped to ask for his keys. Hunt told police Harter struck him first in the shoulder, after which he struck Harter “a couple of times in the face.” Hunt had no injuries and was cited for Assault.

On Aug. 8 police were dispatched to the Greenville Police Department regarding an assault that had taken place earlier at Speedway, 201 Wagner Ave. The victim, Austin Gilbert, advised he was in the passenger side of a friend’s vehicle when the suspect, Jeff Dynes, walked up to the window and hit him in the jaw with his fist. Gilbert said it was probably because he was involved with Dynes’ ex-wife. He said he went straight to the hospital and discovered his jaw is fractured. Police have requested those records. The victim’s friend said he didn’t see the incident but when he heard commotion he went to the other side of the vehicle and saw Dynes walking away. Dynes agreed to come to the police station that evening. He allegedly said only that “Gilbert had what was coming to him because he and his wife were sleeping together.” He declined to write a statement, nor would he elaborate saying he would like to speak with an attorney. The case will be forwarded to the Darke County Prosecutor for potential felony charges.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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