Greenville Police Beat 08-08-14

Hit a car, hit a house while under the influence

On July 29 police responded to a crash in the 400 block of Tecumseh Street. Chadd Davis stated a vehicle driven by the resident of 409 Tecumseh St. had backed out of her driveway and struck his vehicle, then attempted to pull back into her driveway and struck his house. The suspect, Dorothy Falknor, appeared to be highly intoxicated and began cussing at the officer when questioned. She acknowledged striking Davis’ vehicle “because he was parked too close to the driveway.” When the officer asked her to step outside of her residence she said she didn’t see why it was illegal to hit a car parked too close to her driveway. The officer detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her and she had a hard time maintaining her balance. Falknor admitted to drinking beer and vodka all day. She agreed to a field sobriety test and did poorly on it. Falknor was arrested for OVI. She was cited for OVI, expired registration and improper backing, then released to her niece.

On August 5 police were dispatched to 215 1/2 Harrison Ave. regarding a possible domestic call between Angelia and Jeremiah Besecker. Angelia got into their vehicle and said she was going to wait for her cousin to pick her up. Angelia has had multiple suspensions, did not have driving privileges and appeared to be intoxicated. She was told not to drive and refused an offer to give her a ride. When the officer went to his cruiser she drove off. He attempted to get behind her when she turned down the alley and parked behind her residence. According to the report she stumbled getting out of her vehicle and was very emotional, had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about her and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. She admitted to drinking two “tall boys” (beers). She was asked to do a field sobriety test and did poorly on it. The officer arrested her and took her to the police station. She agreed to a breath test but would not blow into the machine long enough to get a reading. She was issued a citation for OVI and FRA, then was released to her husband.

On July 18 police responded to a domestic violence call. The victim said she was assaulted by Daniel Griggs. She told police he’d had too much to drink and became intoxicated, after which he became upset with her and started hitting her. Griggs reportedly continued hitting her after they’d gone outside, then left the residence. The victim had scratch marks on her arm and a red scratch mark on the top of her chest. Griggs, who has two prior convictions of domestic violence, was located, arrested and transported to the Darke County jail. The report will be sent to the Prosecutor’s office for felony domestic charges.

On August 2 police stopped a vehicle driven by Lance Hauge Jr. for no headlines or taillights. Due to knowledge of one of the passengers having a history of drug use, police asked for and obtained permission to search the vehicle. A pill bottle with a green leafy substance the officer recognized as marijuana was found in the center console. Hauge and two passengers denied knowledge of the substance with Hauge stating the vehicle belongs to his girlfriend. Due to the proximity of the substance in the center console, Hauge was cited for Possession of Marijuana and released from the scene.

On August 4 police were dispatched to the juvenile courthouse regarding a juvenile entered as missing out of Miami County. The teen and her mother were in a juvenile probation officer’s office. The mother had located her daughter with an older male who had left before he could be identified. The mother had been advised to take the daughter to the courthouse immediately. While there the juvenile refused to identify the male and reportedly said she would “keep leaving if she wanted to and there was nothing anyone could do about it.” The juvenile was taken into custody and transported to West Central. Miami County was notified of the situation.

On August 4 police went to Montgomery County jail to pick up Adam C. Payne on a FTC warrant, original charge of Domestic Violence. He was taken to Mercer County jail to be held until his arraignment in Darke County Municipal Court.

On July 31 Union City police arrived at the Greenville Police Department with Heather Kinnison who had an active warrant through GPD for failure to appear on a Disorderly Conduct charge. She was transported to Mercer County jail and incarcerated on $150 bond.

On July 29 police stopped Thomas Esarey on a ‘no front license plate’ violation and discovered he was driving under FRA suspension; also a warrant through Miami County for failure to appear on a traffic offense. He was taken into custody and transported to the Darke/Miami County line where Troy police took him into custody. He was also given a citation for driving under FRA suspension.

On July 29 police went to 623 Washington Ave. on a possible warrant. The defendant, Kristen Mitchell, came to the door and was arrested for failing to comply with a court order on an original charge of a tax violation through the Greenville Police Department. She was transported to Darke County jail.

On July 27 police responded to Walmart, 1501 Wagner Ave., regarding a theft complaint on Shala Partin. Partin had entered the store and walked to the customer service desk, inquiring about a gift card she had just purchased the day before. She told employees she should have $120 on it but there had been an error and there was no money on the card. The employees could find no record of Partin having purchased a card. They told her should call customer service on Monday to rectify the problem. Partin left the customer service desk and walked toward women’s clothing. She allegedly took six pairs of Wrangler blue jeans from the shelf and took them to customer service to return them. An employee at the desk refunded the jeans for a total of $154.24 and put the amount on a gift card. A surveillance tape confirmed the events. Partin said she did it because Walmart screwed up on her gift card. She could not say where the gift card was or why she received $154.24 on the second card as opposed to the $120 on the first gift card. Partin was issued a citation for theft.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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