Greenville Police Beat 07-18-14

Two arrested on arson-related charges

On July 15 police responded to 633 Washington on a possible arson fire of a barn. The resident of the property, Racinda Cobalt, said a neighbor had come to her door stating she saw a group of kids attempting to set the barn on fire. The Greenville Fire Department responded, along with police officers and a sheriff’s deputy. A portion of the barn had been sprayed with an unknown liquid; two areas in the alley were also wet with the same liquid. The fire department put absorbent on the spills. The neighbor later reported to the fire department she saw five “kids” walking through the alley. One had a goatee, a second one a little younger, two blonde girls and the fifth one not described. Descriptions were put out. All five were located. Two – Cody Bailey and Zach Geiger – were named as the ones starting fires with lighter fluid; things such as grass, pieces of wood and a barn. One female showed police where lighter fluid had been thrown out. Geiger indicated Bailey was the one setting the fires. He admitted spraying lighter fluid on the barn but had no intention of lighting it. Bailey admitted setting the noted items on fire but would not say who sprayed the barn with lighter fluid. Interviews were taped, however both refused to write a statement. The other witnesses wrote statements. Geiger was charged with attempted arson; Bailey with complicity to attempted arson. Both were taken to jail and held without bond.

On July 8 police were dispatched regarding a possible domestic complaint. Daniel Cornett arrived at the residence looking for his girlfriend. He reportedly became irate when told she wasn’t there. He allegedly obtained a skewer and knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill the victim, then himself. The weapons were taken away and he began punching the victim. He was eventually pinned down until police arrived. Police observed him being held in a headlock, struggling. Then he closed his eyes and began shaking like in a seizure. Cornett was released and Greenville Township Rescue was called. When the officer patted him down he “came to” and said the victim had “choked him out.” One officer took Cornett outside while another spoke with the victim and witnesses. Cornett reportedly became upset nothing was being done to the victim and began hitting his head on a rail. He resisted attempts to handcuff him and continued verbal abuse against the police and the victim. It took two officers to get him into the cruiser. On the way to the Darke County jail he continually struck his head on the side window and spit on the dividing screen. At the jail he was abusive to the officers there. He was cited for Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence by Threat and Resisting Arrest.

On July 14 police were dispatched to 216 Victoria Dr. on a reported overdose of drugs. The caller was Erik Straub. Upon arrival the officer saw Brian Houdeshell lying on his back on the floor of the basement. The officer checked; breathing and pulse were okay. Despite repeated attempts, Houdeshell didn’t respond. Emergency Services responded and began treatment, during which Houdeshell became responsive. Both Straub and Houdeshell admitted taking one cap of heroin they had gotten in Dayton. Straub provided the used needle. Straub wrote a statement; Houdeshell refused. Houdeshell also refused further EMS treatment. The case will be given to the prosecutor’s office regarding possible Felony Possession of Heroin charges.

On July 12 police stopped a silver Volvo on East Main St. for a license plate violation. The officer smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle; the driver, Jordy Schricker, was 20; the passenger, Christopher Cruea, was 18. Schricker stated he had not been drinking and passed a field sobriety test. While doing a ‘probable cause’ search police discovered 12 beer bottles in the back seat, seven more in the trunk. Two small burnt cigarette-like items having the odor of marijuana were located inside a bag on the passenger side floor of the vehicle. Shricker was cited for underage possession of alcohol; Cruea was cited for marijuana drug paraphernalia.

On July 11 police responded to 217 Warren St. for a possible drug overdose. The suspect (unnamed in the report) was unconscious on the floor. The homeowner stated the suspect appeared to be intoxicated when he arrived; he had an open beer in his hand. The homeowner said the suspect went into the bathroom briefly; when he came out he fell to the floor. While waiting for EMS the officer did a pat down of the subject and found a syringe. After the suspect was revived he admitted to injecting two caps of heroin that day. He was then transported to Wayne Hospital for treatment. A charge will be determined once the officer receives hospital information.

On July 8 about 10 p.m. police stopped a silver Plymouth Neon with one working headlight on South Br0adway. The officer detected an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and the driver’s breath when he spoke. His eyes appeared bloodshot and glassy, his speech slurred. The driver, Justin Ditty, did poorly on a field sobriety test; he was placed under arrest and transported to the Greenville Police Department. The breath test registered .11. Ditty was placed under Administrative License Suspension and released to a friend.

On July 8 police were dispatched regarding a possible domestic violence complaint. The suspect, Kashish Edger, reportedly forced his way into the home of the victim to see his child. He had been told he was not welcome since he’d allegedly said he wouldn’t have anything to do with the child without a paternity test. Edger pushed the victim out of the way and made a verbal threat to her. He left when another individual entered the room. Upon request Edger went to the police station and gave his side of the story, saying he didn’t threaten or shove anyone. Based upon two witness statements, he was issued misdemeanor citations for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass.

On July 4 David Oda was sitting on his porch at 312 N. Gray Ave. reading a newspaper when a neighbor, Tim Hurd, made a negative comment about him in a loud voice. Hurd then walked up the stairs to Oda’s porch, put his fist to Oda’s face and reportedly said “I should just hit you.” Oda said “go ahead.” Hurd responded “If I hit you I’ll have to kill you!” Oda told police he has been continually harassed by Hurd and “cannot even enjoy his front porch.” Hurd said he admits stating he should hit Oda but didn’t go on his property. He refused to write a statement, indicating he would be contacting the NAACP instead. Hurd was cited for Disorderly Conduct.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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