Greenville Police Beat 06-06-14

Police investigate possible arson; harassment and DUI charges

On June 3 police, along with Greenville Fire and Greenville Township Rescue were dispatched to 111 E. 4th St. regarding a detached garage fire. Police controlled traffic at East 4th and Locust Streets. The officer contacted the complainant who was in a crowd of bystanders in the alley on Locust. The individual cussed at the officer for taking the fire and police too long to get there. During questioning he said he hasn’t seen anyone suspicious but did see a gas can close to the burning structure. The officer recalled an incident in New Madison a day earlier in which the complainant and three others were allegedly throwing fireworks out of a moving car at passing cars. Another individual involved in the alleged New Madison incident who was near the area was contacted. He appeared intoxicated and was not cooperative, saying several times “I know you want to take me to jail.” He said he and a friend smelled smoke, came outside and saw the fire. Police also contacted two males who acted nervous and refused to say where they were headed. A couple hours later, with another structure fire in progress at 108 Sweitzer St., the officer found the two nervous males and asked where they’d been. They said they went to Richmond to get McDonald’s. Neither has a driver’s license and their stories seemed to conflict with each other. The case is under investigation.

On June 3 police responded to the alley behind 315 N. Main St. to assist Greenville Fire Department in a mattress fire. The fire had been extinguished. The complainant told the officer she had observed two males near the burning mattress. The males, who appeared to be white teenagers wearing jeans and light colored hoodies, moved at a fast pace toward Short Street. The mattress had been set out for trash pickup. The officer observed what appeared to be a reddish orange spray paint which may have been used as an accelerant.

On June 1 police responded to 350 Harrison Ave. regarding a complaint by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office that the resident, Herman Linder, was continually calling 911 without an emergency. Police found Linder sitting in front of his residence with several empty beer cans around him. He appeared highly intoxicated. Linder admitted calling 911 saying a Greenville police officer needed to be arrested for a double homicide that occurred in Greenville years ago. He added he was going to contact Internal Affairs because the department was also involved in the homicides. Linder was warned only to call 911 in an emergency and if he continued to do so without one he would be cited. Linder said he didn’t care and to go ahead and take him to jail. He added he wouldn’t stop calling until the officer was arrested. Following the warning police left the scene and Linder made more 911 calls. Police returned, arrested him and took him to Darke County jail. He received a citation for Misuse of 911.

On May 29 police were called to the station where a suspect, Jasper Forest Angle, pulled into the driveway followed by three individuals in two vehicles. They were angry and yelling at Angle that he was harassing their families. One incident occurred when Angle had flagged down two of the victims and said he had a present for one of them, then later threw several sand bags and tools in the front yard. Angle said he remembered doing it but not why, noting he had mental health problems and only takes his medicine “some of the time.” He was also accused of continually following, circling the property of and yelling at the victims. Angle could not give a valid answer other than he worked in the area, which was allegedly a lie. There were other incidents as well. There was a concern about Angle possibly being on Greenville schools property, so he was warned for trespassing. Angle was also warned to stay away from the three victims; they were advised to get a Civil Protection Order (CPO) against him. The case was forwarded to the Darke County Prosecutor for a possible Menacing by Stalking charge.

On May 16 police were dispatched to speak with a victim regarding a possible CPO violation by suspect Jeremy Martinez, who is currently in Randolph County jail. Martinez had allegedly made two phone calls which the officer is having verified by Randolph County, and sent three letters. The victim was in possession of the letters. All contacts are in violation of the CPO issued against him. The officer will consult with the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office regarding the violations.

On June 1 police observed a gold Chevy Malibu driven by Frank Gragorace, who the officer knew didn’t have an operator’s license. The officer confirmed that information and stopped Gragorace for the violation. The suspect had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on him, his speech was slurred and he kept repeating things. His eyes were blood shot. When asked, Gragorace said he had one beer. The suspect did poorly on the field sobriety test, placed under arrest and transported to Greenville Police Department. He consented to the breath test and registered a .12. He was placed under Administrative License Suspension (ALS) and released to a friend.

On May 30 police observed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of Captain D’s, 656 Wagner Ave. Jason Ullery was sitting in the front seat of a vehicle; Angel Cheadle was standing outside of it looking for her cell phone. It was determined Ullery did not have a valid Operator’s License and he appeared highly intoxicated. Keys were not in the ignition at the time so the officer advised Ullery he was not driving home. Cheadle stated she would drive home; the officer told her she appeared to also be intoxicated. She said she would take a road sobriety test and did poorly on it. She gave the officer permission to park the vehicle and the two said they would walk to her uncle’s house. A little later the officer observed both Ullery and Cheadle walking back to her vehicle. He then observed her driving her vehicle so he stopped her. She stated she took a breath test at her uncle’s and passed it. The officer said she was intoxicated and asked her to perform the field sobriety test. Again she did poorly on it. She was arrested for OVI and transported to Greenville Police Department. She consented to a breath test and registered .10. She was cited for OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence) and placed under ALS suspension. Her vehicle was towed and she was released to her grandmother.

Police were contacted regarding a domestic violence complaint. The victim complained the suspect said he was leaving her because he couldn’t stand her any more, then allegedly grabbed her ankles and pulled her out of her chair. He then allegedly kicked her in the right side of the head and punched her. She was asked why he would do this if he was leaving. She said he was on drugs. The officer could find no marks or bruising; also noted she was not upset or had she been crying. The victim had called her mother who also commented there were no marks or bruising. The officer felt it odd the victim would call her mother first rather than the police. The officer returned to the police station to discuss the situation with the dispatcher who also noted the victim’s behavior was not consistent with the alleged beating. The case is being presented to the Darke County Prosecutor for consideration of charges.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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