Greenville Police Beat 05-16-14

Onset of spring marred by drug overdose and violence

On May 5 police responded to McDonald’s parking lot, 1237 Sweitzer St., regarding a possible drug overdose. Spencer Niece was lying on the ground outside of McDonald’s and did not appear to be breathing. He was surrounded by three males who had been with him shortly before he overdosed. Greenville Rescue arrived and was able to revive Spencer, who was then transported to Wayne Hospital to be treated. The three males, Preston Keen, Tyler Boxwell and Zachary Fellers all said they did not know what happened to Niece. They had gotten food and were in their vehicle when Niece lost consciousness. Police searched the area and found an empty heroin capsule next to their vehicle. A little later an employee said she had found drug abuse instruments in the bathroom. In a trash bin under the sink police found a one dollar bill, two syringes, one empty heroin capsule and Keen’s ID next to them. The employee also advised she had seen the four subjects going in and out of the bathroom for up to 45 minutes. Keen said he didn’t know how his ID got in the trash; he was cited for drug abuse instruments. At the hospital Niece admitted taking heroin but would not say where he got it.


On May 4 police observed a large fight taking place behind Danny’s Place, 308 S. Broadway. One defendant, Chelsey Venrick, was lying on the ground with her boyfriend, Jarod Sharp, trying to calm her down. Venrick had blood on her face and arm. The other defendant involved in the fight, Jessica Denham, had a cut on her lip and a bloody nose. Witnesses stated the two got into a verbal argument in the bathroom, adding Denham pushed Venrick to the floor. When Venrick and Sharp left the bar a physical fight took place. Denham told officers Venrick and Sharp attacked her and her husband, Joshua Denham. Venrick and Sharp told officers Joshua Denham punched Sharp in the face and began choking him which started the altercation between Venrick and Jessica. All four refused treatment by EMS, but Venrick went to Wayne Hospital after leaving the scene. Witness statements led to Venrick and Jessica Denham being cited for Disorderly Conduct and Joshua Denham cited for Assault.

On May 5 police responded to 825 E. Water St. regarding an assault. The victim, Brandon Powell, was on the back porch of the residence with a bloody lip and nose. Police also observed Amber Miller, who resides at the residence, standing near him with a bloody lip and Josh Denham standing near them yelling. EMS was requested to treat Powell’s injuries. According to statements Miller and Powell had an altercation with Josh and Jessica Denham at a local bar. Afterward, the Denhams and Amber Shephard came into the residence without permission and went to the back porch. Josh allegedly attacked Powell by punching him several times in the face. Miller tried to pull him off and got the bloody lip. Jessica Denham and Shephard left the area when police arrived. Miller advised she wished to pursue charges against Josh. Powell and two witnesses filed statements. Josh Denham was issued misdemeanor citations for Assault and Aggravated Trespass.


On May 10 police responded to the alley behind 310 Armstrong St. regarding Daniel Bush hitting a female. Bush attempted to run when he saw police but was apprehended and held in the back of the cruiser while police spoke with witnesses and the victim – also a defendant – Kimberly Frantz. Witnesses said Frantz started the altercation by striking Bush three times in the face. Bush allegedly retaliated by pushing her against a wall and hitting her head. The witnesses said Frantz struck Bush in the face again after which Bush struck Frantz in the face. The witnesses wrote out statements. Bush was placed under arrest for felony domestic and transported to the Darke County jail. Frantz was issued a citation for domestic violence.

On May 11 police responded to a domestic dispute on Markwith Avenue. The victim was crying and had a cut under her eye and a small cut on her back. The defendant, Daniel Griggs, allegedly was angry over the victim going out the previous night. The victim also said he was intoxicated. Griggs admitted they were involved in a confrontation but denied anything physical. According to the report he had an odor of alcoholic beverage on him. Griggs was arrested for domestic violence and transported to Darke County jail. He has a previous conviction which makes this charge a felony.

On May 8 police were dispatched to Tillman Avenue and made contact with the victim, standing in the street crying. She had red marks and scrapes around her neck and forehead, an egg size bump on her forehead, bruising on her forearms and the right side of her face was swollen. The victim and John Plush had dinner and drinks that evening. After they got home he allegedly got angry over a cellphone charger and began hitting her in the face, knocking her down. She said he continued hitting her and began choking her; then kicking and stomping on her. She was able to scratch his face and get to her feet. He took her cellphone and went to bed. The victim did not have another cell phone so she contacted a friend on Facebook who then contacted police. Greenville Township Rescue transported the victim to Wayne ER. Police were advised Plush had a CCW permit and consequently made contact with him by yelling from the front door. Plush initially said he didn’t know why they were there but eventually admitted to an “altercation.” He was arrested and transported to Darke County jail, charged with Felony Domestic Violence due to a previous conviction.


On May 6 police were dispatched to Ark Avenue regarding a CPO violation in which the defendant, Robert Dancer, was allegedly sending harassing text messages to the victim who had a Civil Protection Order on him. The messages started about a domestic matter then became harassing. A short time later the victim saw Dancer who she said started arguing, then harassing her using obscene language. Dancer denied any harassment and wrote out a statement regarding the incident. He was cited for CPO Violation, arrested and transported to Darke County jail.


On May 8 police responded to 5438 St. Rt. 49 Apt. 12 regarding a male with a knife. The victim, David Massey, along with his daughter and a friend, were sitting outside. Madonna Alderman parked at her residence; Massey’s dog went over to her and she returned the dog. Madonna’s husband Daniel Alderman allegedly became angry because Madonna and Massey used to date, got a knife from his residence and threatened Massey, allegedly telling him he was a dead man. Madonna pulled her husband back inside their residence but Massey called police fearing physical harm. Daniel was arrested for aggravated menacing and transported to Darke County jail.


On May 10 police observed Reymond Sargenti operating a vehicle on Russ Road at North Ohio. The vehicle’s registration expired in 2009. He was stopped and asked for driver’s license and proof of insurance. Sargenti’s movements were slow and the officer smelled an alcoholic beverage on him. He had slurred speech and red, glassy eyes, and admitted having a “few beers to drink.” He did poorly on the field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated). Sargenti submitted to the breath test and recorded a .130. He was cited and released to his wife.


On May 8 a school bus going northbound on 200 block of Ft. Jefferson Ave. was stopped with stop sign and red lights activated. A student was attempting to load onto the bus. A vehicle going southbound passed the bus. It was operated by Matthew Oliver, who admitted passing but didn’t think he should have to stop due to the angle of the intersection they were at. He was issued a citation for passing a stopped school bus.


The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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