Greenville Police Beat 05-09-14

Worker declared brain dead after drug overdose

On April 20 police were called to assist emergency personnel on a report of an overdose by a guest at the Greenville Inn, 851 Martin St. The victim, Jeffrey Kaser, was lying just inside the hotel room door on the floor unconscious. He did not appear to be breathing. Police took over from a witness who was performing CPR until Greenville Township personnel arrived about two minutes later and began working on Kaser. There was an empty syringe, a lighter and a metal lid with burn marks. There was a belt that could have been used as a tourniquet, along with three empty capsules. Witnesses said Kaser was inside the bathroom with the door locked for a long period of time. When they heard snoring they picked the lock and found Kaser slumped over the bathtub. He was blue in the face and didn’t seem to be breathing. They started CPR and called 911. The witnesses said they were unaware he used drugs and were in Greenville on a temporary job for their company, Central Painting and Sand Blasting, Navarre. By the time Kaser was transported to Wayne Emergency he had a strong pulse and was breathing on his own. Hospital officials, however, advised the police Kaser had been pronounced brain dead. The police department informed the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

On April 30 police were dispatched to the residence of a victim regarding a sex offense occurring at K-Mart, 695 Wagner Ave. The victim advised she noticed a man in his mid 20’s wearing a tan or olive ball cap, gray or tan T-shirt with blue jeans. He was approximately six feet tall. She first noticed him in the clothing section but then observed him several more times as she moved through the store. She felt she was being followed. While in the pharmacy section she looked down the aisle and saw the man with himself exposed. She left the aisle and went to an employee, telling him what took place. The store had two other employees follow the subject through the store while the victim checked out and left. Police will follow up to obtain a video of the man and/or the incident.

On May 5 police responded to Circle Mart, 100 E. Main St., regarding a person being struck by a vehicle. The vehicle left the scene. The victim, Dennis Yohey, was walking away from the scene while the suspect, Carl Henninger, called from home, 424 Front St., admitting he struck Yohey with his vehicle. When police arrived he said his girlfriend, Tiffany Cole, had told him about an alleged crime committed by Yohey against her. He said when he saw Yohey in front of him, “he slammed on the gas and ran him over.” Henninger said he didn’t even know why he did it. “I know better than that.” Cole was with Henninger and agreed he hit Yohey intentionally. Police observed damage to Henninger’s vehicle. Police asked Henninger to return to Circle Mart to show exactly where he was when he hit Yohey, advising him that he was not under arrest and would be returned home. He agreed. Henninger said he had not been drinking and agreed to provide a urine sample. He provided it and was transported back home. At this time police have been unable to contact Yohey. A friend who was at the scene said he thought he was homeless. Yohey has made no attempt to contact police since the incident.  The report has been forwarded to the Darke County Prosecutor for a determination on how to proceed.

On May 4 police observed a blue Chevy Lumina west bound on Third Street. It traveled across the roadway into the east bound lane and was stopped for a traffic violation. The officer detected an odor of alcoholic beverage on the driver, Justin Hiatt. His speech was slurred, and he had bloodshot and glossy eyes. When asked, Hiatt said he had “a couple.” He also said he drove on the other side of the road because he heard someone yell. The suspect did poorly on the horizontal gaze portion of the field test, and refused the walk and turn, and one leg stand, portions for “health issues.” He did poorly on other parts of the test. Hiatt was arrested and transported to Greenville Police where he refused the breath test. He was cited for OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence), told his license was suspended and released to a friend.

On May 3 police observed the defendant (unnamed in the report) traveling south bound on Ohio Street. He traveled several feet over the marked yellow line and was then stopped. His eyes were bloodshot and speech slurred, and he had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on him. The officer had to ask the defendant for driver’s license, registration and insurance several times as he appeared confused and would often stare out his front windshield. He produced the information and police noted the defendant’s license was under suspension. He stated he’d just left the American Legion where he was watching a baseball game. The officer asked the defendant to exit the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. The defendant tried but was unable to open the door so the officer did it for him. The defendant stumbled and lost his balance several times; the officer had to help keep him from falling. He did poorly on the test and was arrested for OVI. He failed the breath test, registering a blood alcohol count of .29. He was cited for OVI and Lanes of Travel violation. The defendant was placed on ALS suspension and released to his wife.

On April 27 Darke County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Brandon Finlay regarding Blake Tamplin following him in a black Grand Am. He said Tamplin had allegedly been threatening him with bodily harm. Police stopped the vehicle in an alley behind Martin Street on the suspicion of a menacing crime taking place. Also in the vehicle was Hunter Smith, sitting in the back seat next to several bottles of beer. She was asked for her I.D. and had trouble finding it. She had slurred speech and, a short time later, found the I.D. in her lap. She was 19. She was asked to perform a field sobriety test and did poorly on it. She was issued a citation for underage consumption. No charges were issued to Tamplin.

On April 29 police were dispatched to Greenville Police Department regarding an assault complaint. The victim, a juvenile, said he was at the high school waiting for a friend to get out of class. He met up with the friend and went to the skate park but was followed by the defendant, another juvenile. A short time later the friend left and the victim met with a cousin. They were skating when they witnessed the defendant pull up in a vehicle and exit it with two other teenagers.  According to the victim the defendant threw three to ten punches striking him in the face. He had a bloody nose and swollen cheek. The cousin said the victim also started swinging after he’d been hit. Another witness said he saw two kids fighting back and forth. The defendant said they were arguing and the victim attempted to hit him with his skateboard. Both parties then started to fight. There were no visible injuries on the defendant. Police determined the fight was mutual and both were cited for disorderly conduct within 1,000 feet of a school.

The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.

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